The Esports Arena: Insights from Max Yeung, Senior Esports Manager at Level Infinite

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The Esports Arena: Insights from Max Yeung, Senior Esports Manager at Level Infinite

Mimi Craig
5 min read | 13 Mar 2024

Within the esports industry, individuals like Max Yeung, Senior Esports Manager at Level Infinite, play a crucial role in orchestrating the grand spectacles that captivate millions of fans worldwide. Continuing our exclusive interview series, Max shared valuable insights into his journey, the essential skills for success in esports and his vision for the future of the industry.

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Max Yeung’s Journey into Esports

Max kicks off by introducing himself as the Senior Esports Manager at Level Infinite, where he is responsible for organising multiple esports events. With five years of experience at Tencent and a decade in the esports industry, Max’s journey is a testament to the rapid evolution of esports. He reveals that he started his first esports company in Hong Kong 10 years before. He emphasises the challenges they faced while trying to expand into the Taiwanese market. His passion for gaming and the desire for a larger platform to perform fueled his perseverance.

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Key Skills for Success in Esports

When asked about the key skills required for success in the esports industry, Max highlights the importance of project management, event management and a background in sales and marketing. He believes that having a diverse skill set is crucial for effectively promoting and executing esports events. Max dismisses the notion of strict educational requirements. He mentions that asserting that passion for gaming and a love for watching esports tournaments are more critical. This insight opens the door for individuals with varied educational backgrounds to contribute to the thriving esports ecosystem.

Educational Background and Experience

Max emphasises that there is no strict limitation based on educational levels in the esports industry. He encourages those with a passion for gaming, love for esports tournaments and knowledge of event management to pursue a career in the field. This inclusive approach showcases the industry’s diversity and welcomes individuals with different educational backgrounds who share a common love for esports.

The Best Part of Max’s Job

Despite the challenges inherent in organising global esports events, Max expresses that the most rewarding aspect of his job is sitting in the arena, surrounded by a passionate crowd cheering for their favorite teams. The energy and enthusiasm of the fans make all the challenges worthwhile. He says it creates a unique and fulfilling experience for both organisers and spectators alike.

The Future of Esports

Looking ahead, Max predicts a transformative future for esports, driven by advancements in AI and technology. He envisions traditional sports transitioning into digital esports, offering a more competitive and enjoyable experience for audiences worldwide. Max speculates that future online viewing experiences may involve audience interaction. He mentions allowing spectators to react and participate actively during events, elevating the overall enjoyment of esports.

The Final Interview

Join us next week for our final interview in our video series with Level Infinite. We’ll be sitting down with Jay Liang, Esports Manager, Level Infinite. Jay shares how he got into his career in esports, touching on what skills are required to be successful. He also talks about how a love for gaming and esports can help propel you into your dream career. For more information, please visit Level Infinite’s website here.

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