The British Esports Association – the not-for-profit charity set up to support, promote and instil good governance for amateur esports players and teams – has its own advisory board.

The board regularly meet to discuss developments and areas of focus for the British Esports Association, and offer their input.

We also invite observers along to our advisory board meetings. These include the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the Department of International Trade (DIT), Ukie, esports tournament organisers and others in esports. While they provide input for an individual meeting, they are not able to vote on certain matters or be passed opportunities that the advisory board members will receive, such as speaking slots at colleges or universities.

Each board member sits on the board for a minimum of 12 months. Read more about the advisory board terms of reference here.

Note, the advisory board is separate to British Esports’ game advisers.

The advisory board (led by British Esports chair Andy Payne, OBE) is as follows:


Michael O'Dell

Rogue chief gaming officer

Mary Antieul

Tournament provider (GAME/Belong/Insomnia)

Darren Newnham

Biz dev/consultant

Josh Williams

Student representative (NUEL)

David Yarnton

Director, Gfinity/Edge Esports

Mark Candella

Broadcaster (Twitch)

Craig Fletcher

Multiplay founder

Andrew Nixon

Sheridans lawyer