BA (Hons)
Esports Business

3 Year Undergraduate Degree Course.

The BA (Hons) International Esports Business Undergraduate Degree from College of Esports, British Esports exclusive university level partner in higher education.

The BA (Hons) International Esports Business Undergraduate Degree focuses on developing talent, resilience and identity in the international world of esports with College of Esports unique TRI Curriculum approach.

This course examines esports from several perspectives, namely professional gaming, sports psychology, event production and international business.

College of Esports International Esports Business & Digital Media Students

why study this course?

The BA (Hons) International Esports Business Undergraduate Degree combines enthusiasm for esports and gaming with international business, allowing students to learn through the lens of their passion.

Modules have been carefully selected to create an enjoyable and engaging journey as well as challenging one for students.

This blend will provide a strong foundation in all that is international business within the context of esports and ensure that, via College of Esports unique TRI Curriculum approach, students will be able to apply their knowledge via work experience with the industry from an early stage.

Modules such as International Esports Business Environment and Employability Skills can be put into practice in year one with external partners and students own business ideas, supported by the Entrepreneurship in Esports module.

Importantly, the ability to vocationally apply knowledge into the esports industry from the first year will help to create a strong personal portfolio of evidence and track record of students achievements to support their employability.

Students will work with College of Esports staff to develop their exit strategy from the early stages in their degree programme.

As students progress into their second year, Esports & Social Enterprises and Esports Business & Events dovetail perfectly with the more traditional subjects such as Leading, Managing & Coaching and Esports Business & Events. Underpinning these vocational and practical subjects comes Esports Regulation, Rules & Risks to ensure all that students do is delivered appropriately.

As the journey matures into the final year, the module of Strategic Entrepreneurship and Esports Industry & Finance will ensure that students understand how to put into practice their knowledge to date effectively and in the real-world.

College of Esports International Esports Business & Digital Media Reception

course learning outcomes

The BA (Hons) International Esports Business Undergraduate Degree is structured to help students develop so that they can demonstrate these outcomes by the end of their studies.  Students won’t be expected to be able to do this from the beginning.

Upon successful completion of the BA (Hons) International Esports Business Undergraduate Degree, students will be able to:

  • Critically appraise the legislation, policy and research that underpins key issues in the study of esports including personal and professional development, management and leadership in esports organisations, team working, event management, strategy development, strategy implementation, team management, operational management, business and finance.
  • Critically apply knowledge of theoretical concepts and research methodologies to complex problems in esports contexts.
  • Critically evaluate and communicate complex problems and solutions in esports to different audiences and in different formats.
  • Critically review and adapt behaviours that inclusively embrace culturally diverse communities and stakeholders needs.
  • Critically analyse, apply, and evaluate ethical, legal including safeguarding, business, social, health, well being and strategic issues facing esports industry professionals.
  • Critically reflect personally and professionally to identify targets for future development in a range of esports contexts.
Kalam Neal Head of Education at British Esports teaching students at the College of Esports


The BA (Hons) in International Esports Business Undergraduate Degree can lead to a number of possible job roles in the esports industry and beyond, such as:

  • Esports Business Management
  • Esports Marketing and Sponsorship
  • Esports Event Management
  • International Business and Trade
  • Entrepreneurship in Esports
  • Esports Consulting
  • Esports Journalism and Broadcasting
  • Esports Analytics and Data Analysis
  • International Trade and Export/Import Specialist
  • Sports and Entertainment Law
  • Higher Education and Research
  • Management and Leadership in International Business
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The BA (Hons) International Esports Business Undergraduate Degree enhances employability skills through:

  • Providing industry specific knowledge
  • Fostering practical experience and critical thinking
  • Cultivating communication and diversity skills
  • Promoting ethical and legal awareness
  • Developing financial, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills
  • Encouraging self reflection and global perspectives
  • Building a strong portfolio for job readiness
Students learning at the College of Esports


The BA (Hons) International Esports Business Undergraduate Degree provides transferable skills for higher education by fostering:

  • Research
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Ethics
  • Adaptability

Its interdisciplinary approach and portfolio building opportunities prepare students for academic success, promoting an entrepreneurial mindset, leadership and self-reflection.

This qualification equips students with versatile skills and knowledge that can facilitate a smooth transition into higher education, whether pursuing postgraduate studies in related fields or engaging in academic research.