‘It shouldn’t be such a big deal that we’re an all-girl team’ – an interview with Carmel College’s Overwatch team

‘It shouldn’t be such a big deal that we’re an all-girl team’ – an interview with Carmel College’s Overwatch team

Dominic Sacco
4 min read | 29 Jan 2019

We speak to the Fortes Esports all-girl Overwatch team from Carmel College who are taking part in Season 2 of the British Esports Championships.


Please tell us how the team got started

We started because of the club on Thursday lunchtime. We were all just playing together and then the opportunity came up when Season 2 was about to start. Plus, why not?


What are your aims in the Championships?

To join in with the community and to get better at playing competitive games, be more flexible and better able to respond to different strategies.

Some of use have never played Overwatch before so we want to have a good time and show that girls also do play video games.


Who are the players in your team?

Sara, Tia, Georgina, Amelia, Annalise and Weronika. We are all Year 11 girls, aged 15 or 16. Three of us are brand new to Overwatch and are only playing because our club at Carmel have given us the opportunity.


What’s that been like, jumping into the deep end?

Annalise: “INTERESTING! You learn so much very quickly but you are still very adaptable because you haven’t picked your favourite characters.”

Following the maps is a bit confusing but we’re getting there. Mr Taylor and Mr Kitching have been coaching us and giving us loads of advice so were starting to get our strategy together.


What’s it like being an all-female team? Would you like to see more girls getting into esports and do you think teams like yours can help encourage more?

it shouldn’t be such a big deal that we’re an all girl team.  it just seems normal to us and we really weren’t expecting so much interest.  however we do understand why and we do absolutely hope that our participation will encourage other girls to take part.  This kind of grass roots club should be an option in every school.


Who does what in the team, please tell us about your roles and how your strategies have developed as a team so far?

Annalise and Amelia are tank, healers are Weronika and Tia, and Sara and Georgina are dps. We don’t really have a captain as such yet but the more experienced players are definitely doing more of the talking.


Who is the team captain?

Sara. She normally wastes her time playing LoL but she’s probably our best player. Georgina is a very good DPS player.


What do you think of the British Esports Championships?

We are really looking forward to the Championship. We never expected something like this would every happen.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

GG.  See you at the payload!

Week 1 of the British Esports Championships

The last of the week 1 matches are at this time still being played out.

In terms of highlights, K.E.S. Esports from King Edward VI taking part in the League of Legends schools tournament sent us in a video of their match against Studio Spitfires. You can watch that here:

You can see the latest scores on the Championships website.Carmel College has two Overwatch teams in the British Esports Championships – a girls team and a boys team

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