Get your esports org involved with British Esports and inspire students in our Championships for schools and colleges

The UK and Ireland is home to many esports team organisations, but with so many games and tournaments available nowadays, it can be hard to find them all.

The British Esports Association, the not-for-profit set up to promote and support grassroots esports in the UK, receives many requests from esports fans, future talent and more looking to support, play for or work with esports teams.

To help them find the right organisation for them, and to better inform those interested in UK esports, we’re putting together a database of UK teams/organisations.

We’re also looking for teams to get involved with our activities, for example giving talks at schools or colleges in their area who are taking part in our British Esports Championships. Or, providing work or volunteer positions for students leaving school or college who are looking to further their endeavors in esports.

To tell us about your org, please fill in the following form, which covers:

  • Which games the org participates in
  • Key contacts
  • Social media links and website
  • Core ethos and what sets you apart
  • How you’d like to get involved with British Esports

We receive many emails and calls from young people in the UK looking for teams to trial for and follow.

By filling in our form here, you’ll be added to our database to better inform those interested in UK esports in the future and inspire the future generation of UK gamers.


Your data will only be stored for the nature of this UK org database, and may be shared with those interested in finding out about UK organisations. By filling the form in, you agree to this. Please see our privacy policy for more info on how we collect data

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