Video: Riot Games on getting involved with British Esports in schools and the benefits of playing League of Legends

Dom Sacco from the British Esports Association spoke to Riot Games UK community manager John King, aka Riot Bolton, at a recent League of Legends event promoting the new 5v5 Clash tournament mode.

We asked John about Riot’s involvement with the British Esports Championships pilot for schools and colleges, which has just concluded, as well as the benefits of playing League of Legends.

John explained: “These are games that involve the traditional things that you think about in sport, like football and cricket. It builds a group and it’s about utilising your resources, effectively. The kind of problems you encounter in life are the same kind of problems you’ll counter in League of Legends, an insurmountable problem or a big baddie that’s scaring you and you don’t know how to deal with it for example.

“Being able to look at what you have and what resources you have to solve the problem, because ultimately League of Legends is a problem-solving game and a game about efficiency. And it’s about doing that in a team way.

“We think that a kid that’s really investing into League of Legends, it’s better time spent than watching the TV or sometimes even if they were practicing football shots or skills by themselves. This is a real team game they can participate with their friends and build relationships that last a lifetime. Some of my best friends in life comes from League of Legends and my career comes from video games.”

John advised parents: “Nurture your child’s positive passions, and I would argue that League of Legends is potentially one of the most positive passions that a kid could have in terms of learning and skill development.”

You watch and listen to more of what John had to say in the full video below:

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