Young British Fortnite star visits House of Commons with British Esports Association

Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashman, the 15-year-old Brit who won more than $1m in the Fortnite World Cup in the summer, visited the House of Commons with the British Esports Association. 

He met with British Esports vice chair Rt. Hon. Ed Vaizey MP (pictured, centre) and advisory board member and fighting game legend Ryan Hart (right), as well as British Esports founder and CEO Chester King.

The visit was arranged to celebrate Jaden’s great success in esports. It involved a tour of the House of Commons as well as a meeting, where Ed asked Jaden about his involvement in esports, representing the UK at Fortnite and balancing school with competitive video gaming.

It’s fantastic to see two of the UK’s most successful esports players meeting, while at the same time receiving recognition from government.

Ryan Hart commented: “London was great, it was time extremely well spent. It was amazing to meet Jaden – what a talent. Being that devoted so young and staying dedicated despite that negative energy around him that gaming is a waste of time and stuff.

“All this, while also making an effort in school and doing really well in class – not the most common combination in my experience with young people. It’s really cool that he’s made such success out of it so early too. I can see his mum is really proud of him. His family were really nice and Ed was brilliant too.”

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