Student Champs 2022/23 – Week 4 League of Legends recap

Student Champs 2022/23 – Week 4 League of Legends recap

7 min read | 21 Nov 2022

On the 9th November, League of Legends was in the Student Champs stream spotlight after half term- seeing four teams go head-to-head for victory live on the British Esports Twitch channel. Vlad ‘WaXeN’ Catusanu looks back at all the action from the two series.

Highlights from these matches, as edited by Kaptiv3, can be found on our YouTube channel!

Broadcast Talent:

Ellibear_ – Host

RoryB – Caster

MrFluffyBunny – Caster

Match 1 – KE6 Vanguard Vs Wilberforce Wolves Guttersnipes:





The first League of Legends Student Champs stream of the 2022-2023 season was opened up by Ellibear, who introduced the first series of the day between KE6 Vanguard and Wilberforce Wolves ‘Guttersnipes’. Before the draft had even begun, the first match-up was promising some real back and forth, as RORYB and MRFLUFFYBUNNY were each backing a team of their own.

Both teams seemed to get away with their favourite champions during the draft phase, but the hopes of a close game were swiftly squashed  by Guttersnipes’ Kami, on the Tristana, gave away the first blood just before the 3rd minute mark to none other than to the Vanguard’s ADC, Pear.

Just a minute later, a failed attempt at regaining bot lane control back from the capable hands of Pear and Soupzer was punished by the KE6 ADC with a double kill, taking out both the Tristana and the Yuumi. At the same time, the top lane was also dominated by KE6, as Bond on the Shen was replicating his teammate’s success with a double kill on his own. With a 4k gold lead at the fourth minute, WWG’s hopes were starting to dwindle as they were dominated on every level, including CS.

This early lead indeed proved to be devastating, as KE6 continued snowballing the game, doubling the opponents’ gold before minute 15, whilst being up 16-2 in kills. Upon conceding the first inhibitor in mid, WWG tried to mount one final defence that was simply ignored by the overly farmed champions of KE6, who destroyed both the Nexus towers and the Nexus itself in a matter of seconds.

WWG was unable to deal any substantial damage to the juggernaut tearing through their buildings in a matter of seconds, to the surprise of RORYB who stated that he has not seen a Nexus being destroyed before the 19-minute mark in the last 3 seasons of Student Champs. Following the most dominating victory in the recent history of Student Champs, KE6 Vanguard have now established themselves as a top contender this season and will definitely have a target on their back in the following weeks.

Match 2 – Bexhill Warriors Vs F6th Bills:


Kat is Weak


joos3 b0x

On the back of an unexpected game one and a series of technical difficulties on behalf of the Riot games client, the talented broadcast team managed to make their way into the second game of the day between the BEXHILL WARRIORS and the F6TH BILLS. Unlike the first game of the day, these two teams were neck and neck at the tenth minute, separated by a single kill in the favour of F6th and effectively no gold difference.

Upon a series of objective trades and kills going back and forth, neither team was managing to build an advantage 19 minutes in. An uncontested Dragon kill went in the favour of F6th, following an exceptional initiation turned into a double kill in the river. Despite losing the river fight, BEXHILL kept on being relentless, pressuring the opponent’s turrets to various degrees of success.

BEXHILL’s game plan was halted by MartinLutherKing on the Tristana with a triple kill, generating the first noticeable gold lead of the match so far in favour of the F6TH BILLS. Just moments later, a failed gank attempt, yet again turned into a multi-kill for the Tristana, the game was starting to slide out of the WARRIORS’ hands. 26 minutes in and 6k gold lead might have been salvageable, but casters and viewers alike had only one question in mind, can MLK’s legendary Tristana, now sitting at 14 kills, 2 deaths and 4 assists be stopped?

The following minutes were a display of patience from the F6th BILLS, who despite having a considerable advantage and a Tristana dealing 1000 damage per hit, were spreading the map accordingly, farming away and keeping as many resources as possible for themselves. Despite a valiant Dragon steal from AKShaoZhan, F6 still managed to walk through and walk over BEXHILL’s defence to top a flawless mid-game from their ADC with a well-deserved victory.

Looking for more Student Champs action? We will be streaming matches live on the British
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As well as this, we will also be streaming matches from the Overwatch 2 Women in Esports division live every week on the WIE Twitch channel.

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