A-Z of esports & competitive gaming jargon

Person with their hands on a RGB Gaming keyboard, as the mian image for the game jargon piece

For outsiders, esports and video games can be confusing to understand or get into, no thanks to a deluge of gaming terms and jargon that probably mean nothing to non-gamers. […]

UK esports achievements of 2022

Image depicts Tundra Esports winning The International 11 in 2022. This is the main image of the UK Esports Achievements of 2022 article

Esports in the UK continues to progress, and last year saw the return of some big physical events, as well as some impressive wins for homegrown talent here. Dominic Sacco, […]

Game jargon – Call of Duty

Call of Duty ghost holding a gun with the British Esports Logo in the bottom right hand corner

Have you ever been in a Call of Duty match and heard some terminology you don’t know the meaning of? In this guide, we share some of the most common […]