Game jargon – FIFA

Game jargon – FIFA

6 min read | 20 Jul 2022

Are you new to FIFA, and what to understand more about different elements of the game?

In this guide, we look at some of the most common things you will hear in relation to FIFA (aside from the football terminology) to help you get to grips with the game.

Chemistry (Chem)

How well your team works together. Having better chemistry means that they will perform better in matches. 


An in-game currency that is earned passively by playing matches, and can also be rewards for winning tournaments. The coins are used to purchase in-game items, such as Ultimate Team Packs. 


A shortened version of saying contracts, in reference to how long you are able to have a player on your team.


These are one-time-use cards that can be applied to players in your squad to provide perks. There are many different types, including Fitness (boosting their levels back up), Healing (removing an injury), Goalkeeper Training, and Position Modifier (moving their positions to fit with a different formation).

FIFA Points

One of the in-game currencies that can only be acquired through in-game purchases. These points are worth more than the other currency, and this is reflected by their price. 

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)

The most popular game mode, which entails building a squad out of players you receive from purchased packs. You then take this team and try to progress up the league ladder, and continue to build up your perfect squad.

FUT Objectives

Daily and weekly challenges for players to complete in order to earn rewards. 

FUT Weekend League

An in-game tournament held each weekend following the release of the latest FIFA game.


Special cards that you receive from packs that are former footballers.

No Rules

A friendly game mode where there are no offsides, bookings, or penalties.


To collect squad members, players must purchase packs in order to get footballer cards to build their team. These can be purchased with in-game currency, or with real money. 

Park the Bus (PTB)

When a player sets up their team to defend, and not attack.

Prime Pack

A purchasable pack where the amount of rare items inside makes up half of the total items in the pack.

Pro Clubs

Where you are put in charge of a player that you create, and you join up with other players to form a squad. You then play against other Pro Club teams online.


A squad that is made up of 11 different item types.


Stands for ‘Squad Building Challenge’, where players are given different tasks to complete with their squads. 

Squad Battles

A single-player game mode where you face off against another player to move up the leaderboard. 

Sweaty goal

When the player dribbles the ball as close to the goal line as possible before the goalkeeper rushes towards them – before passing the ball to a teammate to score in the empty net.

This is only a brief guide of the many terms you might hear playing FIFA, so let us know on the British Esports Twitter if you would like to see more in different titles.

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