Game jargon – Halo Infinite

Game jargon – Halo Infinite

8 min read | 27 Feb 2023

Have you ever been playing a game of Halo Infinite and heard some in-game terminology you weren’t too sure about?

In this guide we share some of the most commonly used terms or phrases in Halo Infinite, and what they mean.


The training mode where players can practice weapon drills, or play against bots to learn how the game works.


A multiplayer mode of the game where two teams of four players play different game modes.

Big Team Battle (BTB):

The game modes made for larger groups of players to compete on the larger maps.

Bot Match:

When a group of players go against an entire team of AI bots.


When you intentionally die with a powerup to remove it from play.

Challenge Swap:

An item that players can obtain to swap out any unwanted weekly challenges for a new one. This is mainly used if a player doesn’t think they can complete the challenge, and wants a new one.


When you climb or leap onto a ledge whilst you are airborne.


Another way of referring to skins for weapons, armor, and weapons. These can be purchased or earned through the in-game battle pass.


Customisable parts on weapons, armor, and vehicles.


A colloquial way of referring to a 2v2 match.


A symbol or shape that players can choose to put on their weapons, armor, and vehicles.


A group of people playing together. Another way of saying a ‘party’.

Forward Operating Base:

Bases that can be captured in the main campaign of the game. These can also be referred to as FOB, and capturing them leads to an assortment of rewards and collectibles.


When you throw the flag whilst running to speed up your travel to the objective in Capture the Flag. 

Man cannon:

When a gravity beam launches a player or vehicle a long distance.


A game mode where if you hold the ‘oddball’ then you can earn points for your team. The team who reaches a certain number of points first wins.

Play Ball:

When a player throws the Oddball off the map so its position resets in the Oddball game mode.


The easiest difficulty of bots available to play against in the game.

Service Record:

Refers to the players career profile – showing all of their stats and in-game progress.

Service Tag:

Four unique letters and numbers that players will have displayed next to their in-game name. These are chosen by the player.


A Team Deathmatch mode where players win by killing other players to reach a certain number of kills for their team.


The highest difficulty level of the bots in the game.

Spartan Cores:

A collectible in the main campaign of the game. You can view your progress on the different collectables in the TacMap.


When a player looks directly down in a match to protect them from being shot in the head and killed.


Short for Tactical Map – the map that comes up for the player when a certain button is pressed. Here, you can set waypoints, look at objectives, and do any upgrades.

These are just some of the many things you may hear in a game of Halo Infinite, but there are many more things to learn as you go through your matches. But, let us know on the British Esports Twitter if we missed any important terminology.

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