“It’s just part of human nature to find a way” – Disability and Streaming with Tucker Griggs

“It’s just part of human nature to find a way” – Disability and Streaming with Tucker Griggs

5 min read | 23 Apr 2021

At British Esports, we love to showcase a variety of talent within the esports industry.

We spoke with streamer Tucker ‘FragsByTheFoot’ Griggs about his disabilities and how he has adapted to rise in the ranks.

Check out the full interview over on our YouTube channel, or see some of the highlights below!

23-year-old Tucker was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, which means that his elbows and wrists are stuck at a 90-degree angle. As well as this, his knees are also locked straight, so he uses a wheelchair to mobilise.

He lives in California with his Mother and step-dad, and is waiting for the pandemic to calm down before returning to his Journalism studies at Fresno State University.

By having a lack of function in his arms, Tucker began to learn how to do everyday things with his feet – including learning how to game from a young age. By being able to go to physical therapy and learn how to play video games with his feet meant that Tucker was able to have fun alongside his friends.

After developing his skills and rising the ranks in various titles, Tucker then came across one opponent that would inevitably kickstart his streaming career…Now, Tucker regularly streams to his 1.3k Twitch followers and showcases his skills across several different games – as well as hosting the occasional cooking stream.

“Tucker has two cameras displayed during his live streams. One of which is his normal webcam showing his face and the other showing how he plays games with his feet.”

“Everybody for the most part is amazed, it’s been pretty incredible honestly, I never expected something like that. It’s a unique experience to see people come in and say I inspire them, but I’m also inspired by all these other disabled gamers and regular gamers too,” Tucker said.

Overwatch is Tuckers’ speciality, and he is playing at the higher ranks in-game – with hopes to go even further in the future. 
Over the years, Tucker had tried several different versions of adaptive equipment for gaming, but has ended up using a standard keyboard and mouse setup.

When gaming, he will typically use the directional keys (instead of WASD) with his left foot, and the mouse with his right. As well as this, his setup is on his floor, as this is the optimal place for him to be able to play. 
Issues have come up in the past amongst the disabled gaming community about the restrictions on using adaptive equipment in tournaments, with people missing out because of this.

More formal tournaments have banned modified controllers as individuals could potentially use them for an advantage – but this does mean that disabled gamers that rely on this equipment are excluded.

Due to having experience with both adaptive and standard equipment setups, Tucker can see both sides of the argument. Having adaptive equipment doesn’t give disabled players an advantage, it allows them to be able to play the game in a way that suits their needs.

When he is not streaming, Tucker is watching other Twitch streamers, as well as watching various esports titles to develop his own skills.

“I like esports in general! I just love watching esports – I don’t even care what game it is, I’ll just be like ‘I don’t understand this game let me watch the esport’.”

Tucker has shown interest in taking his esports career to the next level, but the opportunities are few and far between. 
Regardless of his disabilities, Tucker has managed to completely adapt his lifestyle to suit his passions, and hopes to encourage more people to do the same.

“It’s just part of human nature to find a way. No matter what it is, you’ll figure it out eventually – it may take you a while, but you’ll figure it out.”

To see him in action, check out Tucker’s Twitch channel, or find him on Twitter @FragsByTheFoot.

The full interview with Tucker is available on the British Esports YouTube channel

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