“I don’t like doing things that everyone’s doing” – Interview with Performance Coach and Behaviour Analyst Urszula Klimczak

“I don’t like doing things that everyone’s doing” – Interview with Performance Coach and Behaviour Analyst Urszula Klimczak

5 min read | 27 Apr 2021

Yesterday, we spoke to Urszula Klimczak on Twitch about her job within esports, and her experiences so far within performance coaching and behaviour analysis.

Check out the full stream on our YouTube channel, or take a look at some of the highlights below!

Urszula has been working within the esports industry for about seven years, and has an extensive background in business.

From a young age, she noticed that she was very approachable, and others trusted her to find solutions to some of the issues they were having.

This was the starting point for Urszula, and what inevitably drew her into working within this sector of esports. After developing an interest in this area, Urszula ended up taking steps into the esports industry.

This all really started when she took a leap and offered to help a Polish esports team, and the rest is history. 
Performance coaching is something that has not had a lot of coverage, especially within esports.

There are several different aspects within the role to consider, and many responsibilities for your clients as well.

Urszula has described the role as being a ‘roadmap’ – allowing for plans to be made for each step of progression for a team. 
With several years of experience, Urszula has had a lot of practice in working with esports teams, including the likes of Fnatic.

Over this period of time, she has discovered various different things that constitute a team that plays well, and a team that struggles.

From this, she can put together what would make a good team, and pass this onto organisations looking to develop. 
Within this role, there are different approaches when working with an individual, or an entire team.

Urszula has worked with many different esports personalities, and has found different tactics work best when working with a group, rather than just an individual player. 
As well as looking at performance, behaviour is something that Urszula also works within for esports players.

Having the right mentality when playing is key in ensuring success as a team, alongside making sure each player is looked after mentally.

Whilst the world of esports is still developing, Urszula encourages the industry to take attributes from the sports industry to grow further.

There is a significant amount of crossover between the performance side of sports and esports, and these can be very beneficial for esports teams to incorporate.

In terms of looking after the players and their wellbeing, the crossover is quite large, but other aspects can be developed in both sectors. 
By working with so many different organisations and players, Urszula has gotten a feel for the best practice on her end – being able to give the best advice for success.

Having this wide range of clients leaves some space for individuals to stand out, and Urszula explains her most memorable experiences so far.


The world of esports performance coaching and behaviour analysis is ever-growing, and individuals like Urszula are setting up a strong pathway for others to follow suit.

You can check out some of Urszula’s work on her website MindFlex Coaching, as well as following her on Twitter for the latest updates!

The full interview is available on our YouTube channel now, and you can read Urszula’s guide to being a good teammate on our website. 


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