Great last minute Christmas gifts for any esports fan in 2022

Great last minute Christmas gifts for any esports fan in 2022

15 min read | 20 Dec 2022

Want to get the esports or gaming fanatic in your life the perfect gift for Christmas?

In this guide, we share our top gift ideas to fit with any budget in the final run up to Christmas. We will cover specific gifts you can purchase, or more general information about the best peripherals to get.

1. Gaming Neon Light – £16.99+ (Amazon):

Source: AMAZON

Want to add a personal touch to a gaming setup? These neon lights are fun, compact, and some versions can be personalised to have a gamertag and platform logo on – also without breaking the bank.

A great addition to any gaming setup!

2. Platform gift cards – £5+ (assorted retailers):


With battle passes and in-game cosmetics becoming more sought after, getting someone a gift card for their favourite game or gaming platform is a great gift to help towards their in-game costs. 

The most common gift cards are for:

  • PlayStation Network
  • XBOX Store
  • Battle.Net
  • Riot Games
  • Epic Games
  • Steam

Unless you are purchasing a specific in-game currency gift card, these can also be used to purchase games on platforms as well.

3. Keyboard cleaning and maintenance kit – £13.99 (Amazon):

Source: AMAZON

As random as it sounds, having a way to clean your keyboard is really important for gamers – and also allows a keyboard to last even longer if maintained correctly. Having a small cleaning kit on your desk can help you clear the dust out of the keyboard easily, or take off keys to ensure there’s no dirt underneath that can prevent the key working properly.

Might not be the most exciting present, but is most definitely a useful one!

4. Gaming mouse – Assorted options:

Source: RTINGS

When gaming on a PC, you use a mouse and keyboard in order to play. But, if you don’t have a good mouse, then gaming can become a struggle. Getting a specific gaming mouse can be difficult, but once you know what type you are after the process becomes a lot easier.

You can get a basic mouse, or a ‘MOBA mouse’ – which has an assortment of buttons on the side to help with playing games that involve a lot of number input, like Dota 2 or World of Warcraft. This is all down to preference at the end of the day, but ensuring that you can adjust the DPI on the mouse is essential, especially for gamers.

Some of the best mice you can get include:

5. Gaming mouse mat – Assorted options:

Source: Unsplash

If you game on a PC, it is essential that you have a good mouse mat to ensure your mouse glides smoothly. If you have the space for it, the bigger the mat, the better – as you will be able to have more freedom and movement when gaming, or just using the mouse. In terms of types of mouse mats, you can get cloth, hard, soft feel, or even look at glass ones if you are looking for a different experience.

The big gaming brands (Razer, Corsair, HyperX, etc) all make bespoke gaming mouse mats in various sizes, but these can become quite expensive depending on what you are after.

Three good picks are:

6. Microphones – Assorted options:

Source: Unsplash

Having a good microphone is important for competitive esports titles, as communicating with your teammates well can make or break a match.

XLR microphones are a very good option, but they have a specific cable needed in order for the microphone to work. This type of microphone is usually used for recordings, so streamers will generally connect these to an audio interface with the XLR cable and have professional-quality audio.

However, USB microphones are the most common type you will find in a gaming setup, as they are easy to use and still have good audio quality.

Three good microphone recommendations are:

7. Keyboards – Assorted options:

Source: Unsplash

Whilst this is probably the peripheral people will spend the most money on, it is key to find out what keyboard works best for a person before purchasing. There are so many different types of keyboard, but the most common for gaming is a mechanical one. However, within this type, there are full-size, tournament size, 65%, mini, and keypad keyboard styles that can have varying numbers of keys based on individual requirements. You can also get custom keyboards, so loads of different options to choose from.

For esports players, the most common type of keyboard you will see is full-size, or 65% as they are compact, and have all of the keys needed to play the majority of games.

Three good keyboards are the:

8. Esports team merchandise – Assorted prices and retailers:

Source: Unsplash

Most esports fans will have a favourite team or organisation that they like to support, so why not get them some merchandise to represent their chosen team. The most popular piece of esports merchandise is a jersey, and every team will have one available to purchase either from a brand store, or larger retailer like Gamers Apparel.

Mainstream fashion brand ASOS currently have an ongoing partnership with Fnatic, and provide affordable casual-wear which is also perfect for any gamer or esports fan!

9. RGB Headset stand – £25.99 (Amazon):

Source: AMAZON

This is the perfect gift for a PC player, or console player as it gives a safe place for players to leave their headset when they are not playing. They can come in many different sizes, colours and shapes, but the most popular are definitely ones with RGB features.

This stand is customisable, so the colours can be changed to match your setup!

10. Gaming chair – Assorted prices and retailers:

Source: Unsplash

You can’t use a gaming setup properly without a chair, so why not treat a loved one to the perfect addition to their gaming station.

Gaming chairs come in all shapes and sizes, with a ‘Racer’ style being the most popular choice for gamers. However, deciding whether to go with a traditional gaming chair, or an ergonomic chair can be a difficult decision – so explore options before making your final choice. 

The most popular gaming chair brands are:

Still stuck for more last minute gift ideas? Why not treat someone to some British Esports apparel. The full collection can be found here

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