Recap – League of Legends Student Champs Grand Finals 2020/21

Recap – League of Legends Student Champs Grand Finals 2020/21

10 min read | 27 Jul 2021

Last week, we saw our League of Legends finalists battle it out for the Division 1 and 2 trophies at the British Esports Student Champs grand finals.

We look back on the action, and give some of the highlights from the games!

Division 2:
Team BTC:
Turtle Archer


ARC XSerpent

Game 1:
Mag.exe got off to a quick start as the first game began, with xSerpent taking first blood on Team BTC’s Maleficent (playing as Sylas). Although, BTC very quickly wanted revenge and went straight to strip Oliijd of flash to try and put pressure on eXe as much as they could.

As the game progressed, it was evident that Team BTC had some early aggression, but Mag.eXe were able to keep them at bay and steer themselves in the right direction as a team.

SwiggdySwoody on the Mag.eXe side managed to come in and get a strong play, but also made sure they were ready to be in lane position for when BTC began to push. It became clear that Mag.eXe’s xSerpent was not playing around, and was able to have very strong plays as ADC/Bot Lane. 

BTC’s Maleficent on Sylas was, unfortunately, taking a lot of the brute from the eXe side, and being pushed back out of lane position. At the 10-minute mark, BTC were able to make a push as a team to get some kills on the board, but xSerpent’s triple kill shortly after this push once again gave Mag.eXe a strong advantage.

This shook Team BTC’s formation and confidence slightly in this first game, meaning that Mag.eXe were able to push with full force and destroy their enemy’s base to take the first point of the series.
Game 2:
Coming into the second game, there was a lot of pressure on Team BTC to make a comeback and keep themselves in the running for the win. Although Mag.eXe came out very strong at the start once again, their enemies were able to adapt their strategies to excel.

Hurple on the eXe side showed everyone that junglers are able to make a big impact early on, and still managed to come in very strong for eXe even though his previous pick was banned for this game. Whilst Koridae worked to try and get those much-needed kills whilst the rest of Team BTC made some adaptations and sent more members down to the bot lane in order to counter XSerpent.

NoCake came in and got first blood in this second game, and with the help of Amvoz, Team BTC were able to take more control of the lane than they had previously. For a short period, this game went very back and forth between both teams, but it ended up becoming very clear that there was an inevitable bot and jungler difference.

Turtle Archer snuck in to get a double kill on eXe’s Oliijd and Hurple as they approached the Baron, which gave space for Team BTC to secure the Baron Nashor for themselves. As well as this, they achieved the Cloud Dragon Soul to close game 2 – giving Team BTC one point in the series. 
Game 3:
From the get-go, this third game was a clown fiesta –  which saw both sides put up a long fight to try and take the victory. Mag.eXe came in strong once again, with xSerpent getting first blood and setting themselves up well to enable them to move into enemy lines.

Oliijd showed that they are incredibly versatile, and came out on an engaged champion, and they were able to give eXe control in the bot lane from the early stages. However, BTC’s Maleficent was able to trade back to put lane pressure on eXe and become more aggressive in their plays. 

Over in mid-lane, we saw B0tty take control for Mag.eXe and fend off BTC to maintain that advantage whilst the rest of the team worked to put pressure on other areas. Shortly after, eXe were able to be the first ones at the drake, but unfortunately were stopped in their tracks by NoCake, Amvoz and Turtle Archer – who went on to get a double kill for BTC.

Team BTC then were able to secure a very quick Inferno Dragon Soul at the 23-minute mark, but this advantage didn’t last long. xSerpent knew that they needed to take back control of the game, and came in to get an incredible quadrakill to completely flip the game on its head.

The final fight saw Mag.eXe come in with both Baron and Elder Dragon buffs which pushed them over the edge to be able to take down BTC’s defenses – securing them the division 2 victory! 
Division 1:
Remove Zhonyas

If My E Was Up

Game 1:
Following the incredible Division 2 series, both Chimphouse and the Osprey’s were eager to battle for the Division 1 win.

DrShankinSpear on the side of Chimphouse was putting a lot of pressure on Quinoa in mid, whilst their teammates MrFlankington and BossManJone5 began to struggle against the Osprey’s in bot lane.

Chimphouses’ If My E Was Up swooped in and got first blood on BigPower2012, giving them a side advantage whilst the Osprey’s got back into position. Gabzcool follows this up swiftly and secures another elimination for Chimphouse on NXVSTAGRAM.

Revenge was brewing up in top lane as If My E Was Up and BigPower2012 duel once again – but this time BigPower managed to put out an incredible amount of damage and gave the Osprey’s their first player takedown of the game.

The game was looking like it was in Chimphouses’ favour, but the Osprey’s used this time to prepare themselves for an early dragon to increase the pressure on their opponents. Pressure definitely rose as it didn’t take long for the Osprey’s to follow this up with securing three drakes in just 18 minutes of play.

Remove Zhonyas made it very clear that they were not to be messed around with, and had a very strong jungler performance on Hecarim. They were able to pick up five dragons for the Osprey’s which helped to secure the final pushes into Chimphouse territory.

The final fight concluded with an Elder Dragon being used successfully for the Osprey’s – giving them the first point in the series. 
Game 2:
Moving into the second game, the Osprey’s managed to maintain yet another strong jungler performance, in order to maintain their lead from the previous match.

In an early fight, Remove Zhonyas and BigPower2012 saw an opening to get first blood for Osprey’s, but unfortunately If My E Was Up was backed up by Gabzcool to prevent being taken down.

Once the game had gotten into full swing, Osprey’s made sure they took control of dragons early on to enhance their pushes. This was very successful for them, as they only managed to drop one dragon this entire game.

At the seven-minute mark, both teams were yet to get an elimination as they were playing quite defensively for the first part of this match. However, Gabzcool came in very confident to try and pick off Ospreys’ BigPower2012, but before he could get that final blow Remove Zonyas charged in to save the day.

Both Gabzcool and If My E Was Up from Chimphouse were slain, with only one kill trade on Ospreys’ BigPower2012.

The Osprey’s came in and got an amazing Ace, which inevitably gave them an opening to get the Baron at the 24-minute mark. Just five minutes later, the game comes to a climactic close with the Osprey’s securing the Elder Dragon to take them through the final fight.

This meant that Ospreys became the Division 1 champions, and brought home a second victory for Farnborough Sixth Form at the grand finals!
Congratulations once again to our winners, and a massive well done to the finalists and everyone who took part in the Champs this year!

You can check out the full matches, and other highlights over on our YouTube Channel

“It was a very long and close game! It was probably one of the best games I’ve played with the team – absolutely amazing!”
B0tty, Mag.eXe

“I’ve spent this whole year with my team making new friends, and then suddenly we’re here in Nottingham winning a tournament! It doesn’t feel real!”
Quinoa, Ospreys 

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