Student Champs 2020/21 Grand Finals Summary

Student Champs 2020/21 Grand Finals Summary

10 min read | 8 Jul 2021

On the 3rd July, we held our in-person British Esports Student Champs 2020/21 grand finals event at the Metronome in Nottingham.

The event was hosted in collaboration between the British Esports Association and the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies – with all the action being streamed over on our Twitch channel.

Throughout the day, we had fixtures from both Division 1 and 2 across all three Champs titles (Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League) as well as a Fifa Showmatch with some students from the National Star College.

Here’s a recap on the action throughout the day:

Fifa Showmatch:
Students from the Alternative Provision college National Star were invited to play a friendly match on stage to conclude a pilot tournament we have been working on for disabled gamers.

In the showmatch, we saw Dan and Christopher from National Star have a friendly game of Fifa on stage, which ended with smiles all round from both sides.

After the first match, Nathan ‘SirSquark’ Badger (Admin at the event) joined Christopher for a game, to see what it is like to play with the adaptive equipment that Dan used previously. 

The students and representatives from National Star were also awarded a plaque in recognition of their outstanding service to the development of esports in alternative provision schools.

We kicked off the main event with the Division 2 series between AGSB Esports and the Symonds Centuarians.





This best-of-five series was very close in all three matches, but AGSB just managed to adapt their compositions to take the win. 

Then we had the Circinaes going up against Braintree Basilisks to battle it out for the Division 1 victory.




For our Division 1 winners, not only were they celebrating the overall win today, but they have had a whopping 60-0 map run in the 2020/21 season of the Student Champs!

Although the two wins were 3-0 sweeps, all teams played exceptionally well across both divisions, with maps being very close in a lot of the games!

Check out the full recaps of these matches here.

League of Legends:

Both games played were very intense, and kept the audience on the edge of their seats the whole time. 

Division 2 League of Legends kicked off with incredible plays from both Team BTC and Mag.eXe – taking the series all the way to the tiebreaker round.

Game 1 – Mag.eXe 1 – 0 Team BTC

Game 2 – Mag.eXe 1 – 1 Team BTC

Game 3 – Mag.eXe 2 – 1 Team BTC


Following the intense series from Division 2, we moved swiftly into having the Osprey’s and Chimphouse take to the stage to battle for the victory.

Game 1 – Ospreys 1 – 0 Chimphouse

Game 2 – Ospreys 2 – 0 Chimphouse


Although Chimphouse couldn’t rise to the top today, they put up a very good battle with the Ospreys and have shown why they earned their spot in the finals.

Check out the full recap of the matches here.

Rocket League:

Coming into the final title of the day, Forth Valley Gamers and Team eXe RL 2 were ready to fight for the trophy.

Game 1 – Forth Valley 1 – 0 Team eXe RL 2
SCORE – 6-0

Game 2 – Forth Valley 2 – 0 Team eXe RL 2
SCORE – 4-3

Game 3 – Forth Valley 3 – 0 Team eXe RL 2
SCORE – 5-0

Game 4 – Forth Valley 4 – 0 Team eXe RL 2
SCORE – 4-2


The final series of the event put Luxinate and AGSB Esports against one another to see who would come out on top. Both teams have a friendly rivalry, and have played a handful of games previously so the stakes were high.


Game 1 – AGSB 1 – 0 Luxinate
SCORE 1-0 on Overtime

Game 2 – AGSB 1 – 1 Luxinate

Game 3 – AGSB 2 – 1 Luxinate

Game 4 – AGSB 3 – 1 Luxinate

Game 5 – AGSB 3 – 2 Luxinate

Game 6 – AGSB 4 – 2 Luxinate


With this being our longest Rocket League series of the day, both sides really showed that they weren’t to be messed with. Luminate narrowly missed out on the win today, but played incredibly well across the best of 7 series.

Check out the full recap of the matches here.


On top of all the Champs action, we had some wonderful keynotes from the likes of Will Whittingham (Hitmarker), Ewen Bufton (EXCEL Esports), and Gin Rai (Head of Esports at Confetti).

All of these provided insight into the industry, and gave some helpful tips on how students can get started in an esports career.

You can check out the full keynotes on our YouTube channel.

This concluded the 2020/21 season of the British Esports Student Championships, and we would once again like to thank everyone involved!

A special thank you to the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies for hosting us at the Melodrome, and to the entire team for making the event come to life.

We look forward to starting the new season this September, so if you or your institution is interested in taking part, make sure you let us know via the Champs tab on our website. 

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