WCS 2021 Valorant Tournament Recap

WCS 2021 Valorant Tournament Recap

7 min read | 8 Apr 2021

Over the weekend, the British Esports Association held a two-day Valorant tournament as part of the Global Esports Federations’ World Connected Series 2021.

Games were played in a single elimination bracket format, with the grand finals on Sunday afternoon being a best-of-three showdown.

32 UK teams battled it out for a cut of the £500 prize pool – with team QuestionMark eventually taking the victory and the Slim Boys closely following in second place.

The tournament was put together by British Esports, and the on-screen talent Vlad ‘Waxen’ Catusanu, Layla ‘TK_Layla’ Abbott, and Olly ‘roooc’ Olsen brought the game to life on stream.

On Day 1, the stream achieved around 4.5k max viewers, and 3.5k for Day 2 – with our channel also gaining 500 followers during the course of the event!

Caster and Host for Day 2 Layla said: “The matches were entertaining from start to finish; the kind of close competitive action you want to see from any esport competition. The tournament flowed pretty nicely, and the players and casters alike gave it everything they had!”

Catch the entire stream on our Twitch channel, or check out our brief recap below.

Day 1:
The tournament kicked off with each of the 32 teams competing in a best-of-one both on and off stream.

Elo n Muscle, Lancaster Bombers, Schizo Peek, Washed, JahaBlast and British Esports Championship team AGSB Esports all fought through the bracket to gain spots in the quarter-finals; alongside the top two teams QuestionMark and Slim Boys.

From triple kills to retakes, Saturday’s matches were jam-packed full of action and incredible gameplay from all teams. Although only four matches were streamed live, several matches were taking place behind the scenes, with other teams from the British Esports Championships competing across the weekend.

Players from the Coventry Crosshairs, Farnborough Falcons, and QMSamurai (alongside AGSB) all took part in the tournament – branching out from the Championships titles into Valorant. Even though they did not win, they showed their versatility across titles!

Day 2:
Sunday’s matches consisted of the semi and grand finals, where the four best teams from Day 1 fought hard for a cut of the prize pool.

The first semi-final match saw QuestionMark go against Elo n Muscle with a very close match, eventually ending in 13-11 to QuestionMark. 
Following this, AGSB took on the Slim Boys in the last semi-final game, which saw Omrity on the Slim Boys side getting an ace, and securing their spot in the finals. 
This meant that it was QuestionMark and the Slim Boys in the best-of-three grand finals.

Grand Finals:

The first map saw the teams going to Haven, with the Slim Boys starting out on defence. After a strong hold in the first round, Slim Boys managed to get a Flawless victory in round two – before going on from there to take the map 13-8.

Next, the teams went to Ascent, and QuestionMark were determined to redeem themselves and take this map.

Both teams came out with a very strong off the bat but QuestionMark secured themselves the first point. QM managed to get an early lead, and ended up beating the Slim Boys 13-5 – evening out the playing field coming into the final map.

The third and final map was Icebox, which was the first time this map had been played on during the course of the tournament.

QuestionMark were defending first on Icebox, but the Slim Boys managed to successfully attack and take the first point in this round. After the Slim Boys secured the first two points, QM managed to hold very strong and get some points on the board.

From here, both teams were bouncing points off one another, and it was uncertain who would be taking the crown.
Then, QuestionMark were able to work together and give themselves a substantial lead, which was too much for the Slim Boys to catch up to.

The round ended with another 13-5 victory for QuestionMark, who were crowned the WCS 2021 Valorant Champions!

Team captain, Mandeep from QuestionMark (d0gSports) said: “The WCS Cup was a great experience for our squad, with a great schedule and some amazing close games. Winning it just made it ten times better!”

Ender, Team Captain from SlimBoys said: “We are just a team of friends who like to play for fun, so having talented casters hyping our names on stream was great.”
Whilst QuestionMark took home £400 out of the prize pool, Slim Boys did not go away empty-handed – earning themselves £100 for second place. 
“The WCS Cup was a great experience for our squad, with a great schedule and some amazing close games. Winning it just made it ten times better!” – Mandeep, QuestionMarks’ Team Captain

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