Road to Istanbul – Get to know The4Philzz

Road to Istanbul – Get to know The4Philzz

8 min read | 12 Dec 2022

As the 2022 Global Esports Games in Istanbul are fast approaching, we sat down with some of the players representing Team Great Britain to learn about their esports journey, and their top tips for getting better at their title.

Kim-Philippe ‘The4Philzz’ Badiabio is one of the UKs best Street Fighter V players, and is returning to the Global Esports Games for a second year to try and play for gold. Having received fourth place last year, The4Philzz is determined to take down the opposition and add another accolade to his collection.

We asked Kim-Philippe an assortment of questions about his time in esports as well as Street Fighter V skill development, and here are his responses.

Q – How does it feel to be representing Team GB?

“It feels really good actually, I was really surprised last year when it was my last time representing GB, and it was also one of the first times I went travelling by myself so far when we went to Singapore. It was a great experience, and I’m really happy that I’m getting a second try at this.”

Q – What has been your biggest highlight of your career so far?

“So far, my biggest highlight of my career has been qualifying for Capcom Cup. I’ve qualified twice now, I qualified last year for the Capcom Cup which is pretty much the final qualification where all the best players qualify for a final tournament, and it has the biggest prize pool out of all the tournaments in the game. That’s definitely been my peak so far.”

Q – What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into esports?

“Make sure you pay attention to the scene. It’s always good to meet people because sometimes the esports scene can be a little bit overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with it. So, if you know someone, or can get to know someone who knows other people that may know a little bit more about the scene than you do, it’s always good to network and connect with people.”

Q – What’s your best advice for someone new to Street Fighter V?

“Take small steps, because nobody starts off playing a game and starts off the best, you take steps to get to the top. So I would say, take it slow, take it tournament by tournament, game by game, and try to find what is unique about you because not everyone plays fighting games the same way – which is why fighting games are so unique. You find different players that play different ways, and just find what you like to do, don’t try to copy what everyone else is doing.”

Q – How can someone improve their gamesense in Street Fighter V?

“I would say in fighting games specifically, gamesense comes with experience. When you’re put in a situation where something constantly keeps happening, after a period of time you start knowing when that same situation might occur again before it happens. So I would say you need to lose a couple of times until you start understanding when certain people like to do particular things – so you adapt, you adjust, and you can determine when things are about to happen.”

Q – Who do you main, and how can someone get better at them?

“My main character in Street Fighter V is Falke. To improve, watch high level play of the character, it doesn’t have to be me, it can be other Falke players, just to know what high level Falke gameplay looks like. Then, once you have watched those gameplays, figure out how you want to develop your style of Falke. That’s the best way to approach things – once you have seen the high level play, develop your own gameplay based on what you have seen.”

Q – Who is the easiest/hardest character to play in Street Fighter V?

“The easiest character to play in the game, especially this season, is Ed. The hardest character to play in the game, this is a tough one! I wanna say Dhalsim, I don’t like Dhalsim at all!”

Q – What is the best game you have ever played?

“The best game I’ve ever played? That’s a really tough one! I would have to say the best game that I’ve ever played may have to be Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 on the PlayStation 2.”

Q – What is the worst game you’ve ever played?

“The worst game I’ve ever played was on the XBOX 360, and it was a game I actually really wanted so bad. I don’t know why I wanted it so bad but I just saw it at the game shop and I got it. It was called ‘Frontlines’, it was a first-person-shooter game and it was terrible. I was pretending that I liked the game but I hated it – it was bad.”

Q – What is your favourite gaming snack?

“I tend not to snack much when I game, however I’d say Pringles always do the job for me – simple.”

Q – What is your unpopular esports opinion?

“People seem to think that esports is extremely competitive, which it is, but it also is extremely friendly. You can make great relationships, and not everything has to be a competition. You can actually meet some really cool people, and build relationships with each other outside of just knowing each other because you both play the same game.”

Q – If you could become any character from Street Fighter, who would you be?

“I’ll be becoming Seth! Seth from Street Fighter IV, why? Because he’s broken, he basically has all of the characters moves and the best version of their moves, so he’s pretty much every character into one. He’s just too powerful, so yeah, I’d say Seth.”

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