British Esports Championships Rocket League week 7 recap: Fearless Falcons & UTC’s Doctor Doom steal the show with two clean sweeps

British Esports Championships Rocket League week 7 recap: Fearless Falcons & UTC’s Doctor Doom steal the show with two clean sweeps

Dominic Sacco
9 min read | 1 Dec 2020

The British Esports Association continued its Rocket League Championships on Wednesday November 25th with a two-match thriller on its Twitch channel

The Fisher Falcons (St John Fisher Academy) took on SSC (South Staffordshire College) and Swindon Racula A’s (UTC Swindon) faced Wycliffe Esports (Wycliffe).

Quade Simpson provides a recap of the matches and looks at what else happened in the Championships.


Falcons vs SSC

Fisher Falcon Roster: ImYaseen0k, ImOwen0k, ImAlfie0k, Mobzi369
SSC Roster: XxDecDubstepxX, BroodierMetal9, KingCobra9965

Both teams came into game number one looking for their first win, in this battle of the lower half of the Rocket League Championships table.

Our debutant caster Astral was full of positive energy going into this game, saying: “When you’re at the bottom… you can only go up!”

Fisher Falcons did not wait around – they scored within the first 10 seconds of the opening match in this best of five series, courtesy of ImOwen0k. He soon blasted home a second goal, after anticipating the trajectory of the ball coming off of the wall. 

A brace from ImYaseen0k and another goal from ImAlfie0k saw the Falcons dominate game one.  

Unfortunately for SSC they just couldn’t seem to find their rhythm or style of play.

Caster Astral suggested the SSC should “get the ball forward more and play to their strengths” and, for two minutes, that’s exactly what they tried to do. But after some good link-up play they just couldn’t find the finishing touch they needed, leaving the Falcons to win 5-0.

Fisher Falcons started game two with the same energy and, after some impressive midfield possession and disruptive play, ImAlfie0k slotted the ball into the bottom right corner to give The Falcons the lead. 

South Staffordshire College switched things up with a permanent goalkeeper in game two, however this could not keep the Falcons from scoring another, with ImYaseen0k poking the ball home after a fortunate rebound from the right post.

The team in orange sacrificed possession in order to stop conceding more goals, which allowed the Falcons to comfortably travel with the ball in and around the midfield area. ImAlfie0k took advantage of this and secured two more goals for the Falcons to make it 4-0.

With game three underway, SSC ditched the permanent keeper tactic and it proved significant, with them scoring the opener after KingCobra9965 lumped the ball forward into an empty Falcons goal.

It didn’t take long for The Falcons to equalise, as the ever-clinical ImAlfie0k lurked in front of the SSC goal, seizing his chance to knock one in off of the back wall.

Moments later, and again ImAlfie0k pounced on the ball in the midfield to hit it first time into the open SSC goal. He ended up securing a hat-trick in just 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Then, out of nowhere, XxDecDubstepxX stepped up to score arguably the best goal of all three games so far. He took the ball from his own goal area, weaved through the opposition with the ball just above his car in a sort of keepy up style, taking it all the way into The Falcons goal. Wow, what a goal. 

Eventually this game ended 6-2, giving Falcons a clean 3-0 sweep.

Result: Fisher Falcons 3-0 SSC
MVP: ImAlfie0k, Fisher Falcons
Goal of The Match: XxDecDubstepxX, South Staffordshire College – Game 3


UTC vs Wycliffe

Swindon Racula A Roster: Doctor_Doom1289, FuryWolf23, StrangeFlunky956
Wycliffe Roster: Woody, Gledisquid, Sacha, Logitech

Our second match of the evening kicked off between UTC Swindon and Wycliffe Esports. 

Both teams were placed 6th and 7th in the table respectively after playing tough opponents in early matches. But as our caster TofuElliot suggested: “This is a good opportunity for both teams to try and get on the front foot and get another win on the board.”

After more than two minutes of back-to-back possession and midfield battling, and only two shots in the first two minutes from both teams, we got the first goal in this tense opener. 

Doctor_Doom1289 scored from a near-impossible angle, after walking the ball along the side wall and hitting it from near the corner to secure the 1-0 lead. 

Doctor_Doom1289 was not messing around this game and after dictating the pace and control, they scored an incredible second goal, lunging into the air and smashing it home to win game one 2-0 for Swindon Rucula A’s.

It took only 15 seconds for UTC to score the opener in game two, with StrangeFlunky956 charging into an unattended ball on the Wycliffe goal-line.

Wycliffe pulled it together, however, and soon after they scored their first of the game – and the equaliser. A fine goal from Gledisquid saw him hit home straight down the middle of the goal, with all three Swindon players occupying it. Nevertheless, they couldn’t keep that one out.

It only took that player again – Doctor_Doom1289 – seconds later to push their team into the lead, scoring from their own pass off of the wall to take Swindon Rucula A’s in front. 

Doctor_Doom1289 found a crucial demolition in midfield, took the ball up into the goal area of Wycliffe, hit the ball off of the wall and assisted StrangeFlunky956 beautifully to win the game 3-1.

Then in game three, Swindon Rucula A’s came out fighting like a team who knew they needed to win this game in order to secure victory. It took 10 seconds for the MVP Doctor_Doom1289 to score, with an utterly outrageous clearance from their own goal area, seeing the ball travel all way to the other end of the pitch and into the empty Wycliffe goal. 

With more pressure applied, Swindon scored in an immediate fashion, with StrangeFlunky956 hitting home the second and third.

Logictech and Gledisuid pulled two back for Wycliffe after some admirable play going forward, but it just was too little too late and, seconds later, Doctor_Doom1289 scored their hat-trick. Swindon Rucula A’s won the match with a 3-0 sweep, just like match one of the broadcast.

Result: UTC 3-0 Wycliffe

MVP: Doctor_Doom1289, UTC Swindon

Goal of The Match: Doctor_Doom1289, UTC Swindon – Game 1


What else happened in the Championships?

Elsewhere in the Rocket League Winter Qualifiers, Northgate Luxinate Esports secured their sweeping 3-0 victory against 7th placed Confettil CT . They now top the table in Group 1 along with GCS Owls team 1, both of whom have an impressive 7 wins out of 7.

Queen Mary’s College Samurais’ thrilling match against GCS Owls had to go right to the very end to determine a winner. QMS put up an admirable fight against GCS Owls, who were on a 6-win streak. However, GCS took the match with a tight 3-2 victory.

Over in Group 2, we saw the Fisher Falcons’ second team lose out to the St Vincent Sharks in a 3-1 match-up. Falcons are now 5th in the table, with the St Vincent Sharks nudging to top of the table with 19 points, though other teams are still to play their matches.

Northgate Team Incendium secured a sweeping victory over South Staffordshire College’s second team in a 3-0 match. They now have four wins in six and sit in 4th place in Group 2. 

The Crosskeyskings, Condors, Wyke6RL3 and Ferrers remain in the top spot in Group 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively.

Click here to see the Rocket League Winter Qualifying group standings so far and the overall leaderboard.

Click here to see the LoL Winter Qualifiers standings so far and the overall leaderboard. 

Click here to see the Overwatch Winter Qualifiers standings so far and the overall leaderboard.

Tune in to this week’s British Esports Championships League of Legends matches from 4pm GMT on Wednesday December 2nd at 

Broadcast talent:

Host: Vlad “Waxen” Catusanu
Caster: Astral
Caster: TofuElliot
Production: Elliot Bond

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