Teams confirmed for British Esports Championships 2020-21 LAN finals

Teams confirmed for British Esports Championships 2020-21 LAN finals

Dominic Sacco
4 min read | 27 May 2021

School and college esports teams across the UK have battled heroically over the last few terms, and now the final few are remaining. 

Here’s a roundup of the teams that have qualified for the British Esports Championships 2020-21 LAN finals taking place at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies’ Metronome venue in Nottingham on July 3rd 2021. 


League of Legends LAN finalists

Division 1: Ospreys (Farnborough 6th Form College) vs Chimphouse (Woodhouse College)

Division 2: TeamBTC LoL 1 (Bridgwater and Taunton College) vs Mag.eXe (Exeter College)

Chimphouse knocked out the terrifying ‘MagicalUnicorns.eXe’ side from Exeter College, who dominated teams in the February LoL All Star Showdown and were looking to be a favourite to win. Chimphouse also knocked out last year’s winners, Hills Road, so they will no doubt be going into the LAN finals with confidence.

They will be going up against Ospreys, who managed to win the battle for Farnborough in their semi-final.


Rocket League LAN finalists

Division 1: Luxinate Esports (Northgate High School and Sixth Form) vs AGSB Esports (Altrincham Grammar School for Boys)

Division 2: Team.eXe RL 2 (Exeter College) vs Forth Valley Gamers (Forth Valley College)

AGSB and Exeter have been well represented in the Championships – they had at least one team for each title in the playoffs.

Elsewhere, Luxinate won the Rocket League All Star Showdown last year and were semi finalists for the 19/20 spring split.

It’s worth noting Division 2 features a lot of new teams who joined after Christmas, meaning they can’t enter Division 1. Namely Forth Valley Gamers, a team from Scotland who joined the league after competing in the Scottish College Cup, and they now find themselves in the Division 2 finals for Rocket League.


Overwatch LAN finalists

Division 1: Braintree Basilisks (Colchester Institute Braintree Media) vs Circinaes (The Sixth Form College Farnborough)

Division 2: AGSB OW (Altrincham Grammar School for Boys) vs Symonds’ Centurions (Peter Symonds College)

Both the Basilisks and the Circinaes have had a very strong run throughout this years Championships, with them both storming through the groups. At the end of the Winter Division, both teams were in joint first place on the leader board – going undefeated.

As well as this, AGSB and the Symonds’ Centurions both had a very strong series of games in Division 2. AGSB OW went undefeated in Group 7, and have shown their skills are not to be messed with, and Symonds only lost once in Group 6.


Stay tuned for more details on watching the finals in person – you can also watch them live on the British Esports Twitch channel on July 3rd

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