British Esports Championships recap: What happened in the week 6 Overwatch matches?

British Esports Championships recap: What happened in the week 6 Overwatch matches?

Dominic Sacco
8 min read | 23 Nov 2020

Last Wednesday, week six of the British Esports Championships took place and two matches were broadcast on the British Esports Twitch channel.

Bryony-Hope Green looks back on the action between the Derwentside Steelers and Exeter College, and the Wyke Gamer Girlz versus Team Vertiseas.


Gravs, Genjis and GhostDog – the Derwentside Steelers slam Exeter College in match 1

Steelers roster: GhostDog, DizzyDwarf, FunkyMonk, MagicGnome, HappyFeet, BattlePants
ExeColl roster: Exeample, Exehibit, Exeplosion, Exequizit, Exepress, Exeaminate

Exeter College, who had one win and two losses so far coming into this match, took on the Derwentside Steelers, who had a 3-2 win record.

Starting at Nepal, both teams came out with a solid brawl comp – with Lucio, Reinhardt and Zarya on either side.

ExeColl filled the rest of the team with a Mei, Reaper and Brigitte to cause some chaos, whilst the Steelers took a pick-based approach and used Genji, McCree and Mercy.

Exeample made an impact from the start as Zarya, picking off the enemy Reinhardt for ExeColl, but the Steelers built up a lot of ultimates and flipped the point in their favour.

GhostDog and FunkyMonk, on the side of the Steelers, led the pack this entire round by putting out a ridiculous amount of damage between them, helping to clear out ExeColl consistently.

In map two, there were composition changes from ExeColl on Hollywood, who tried to get a solid damage and healing output, swapping to Ashe, Mercy and Zenyatta.

GhostDog managed to get their graviton surge charged very fast and pushed with the rest of the Steelers to capture the objective early on.

ExeColl put up a strong defence with their tanks (Exeample and Exehibit) on the frontline, but the Steelers used many ultimates and managed to secure all three checkpoints with four minutes to spare.

Exequizit swapped to Soldier-76 to try and increase ExeColl’s damage output, but this was no match for FunkyMonk’s deadly blades – the Steelers won Hollywood with a 3-1 victory.

Moving into map three, Havana was no exception to the chaos of ultimates, with both teams turning more aggressive coming into the final match.

Exeample and Exehibit took control from the start of their defence, utilising the graviton surge to clear out the Steelers and hold the payload in its early position.

Just as ExeColl started to get comfortable with their defence, DizzyDwarf and FunkyMonk performed an amazing team wipe to secure the Steelers’ two checkpoints.

ExeColl put up an incredible fight for the first capture on their attacking round and managed to put on the pressure with a five-man graviton surge.

However, the Steelers pulled it back with MagicGnome’s six-man EMP to prevent  ExeColl’s push – and the Steelers took the third map 2-1.

Result: Derwentside Steelers 3-0 ExeColl

MVP: GhostDog – Steelers


Brawl, Bombs and Bunker – Wyke Gamer Girlz sweep Team Vertiseas

Wyke Gamer Girlz roster: Mehow, IceStorm, Cleggy, Harley, KingKempy, KinderEgg123
Vertiseas roster: Spanner03, Monwey, Paramnesia, Penwith4, Boba, Pingu

Starting in Busan, Wyke came out with a double off-tank composition (Roadhog and Sigma), whilst the Vertiseas used Sigma and Orisa. 

Wyke were looking at maximising their healing and pick output by filling with Mccree, Hanzo, Lucio and Ana – whereas Vertiseas pushed a damage-heavy composition with Pharah, Reaper, Lucio and Mercy.

Wyke flipped the point early on and took out the enemy healers, leaving themselves lots of room to hold the objective.

Cleggy cleaned up as McCree for Wyke, shutting down ultimates and helping to destroy the tank line of Vertiseas.

Wyke Gamer Girlz won the first map 2-0, with three consecutive team kills – one notably being the six-man gravitic-flux from IceStorm into Mehow’s earth shatter.

In the second map, Vertiseas pulled out a solid bunker composition on Hollywood, with Bastion, Sigma and Orisa.

This was no match for the dive comp that Wyke brought – leading in with Cleggy as Tracer to terrorise Penwith4 on Bastion, followed by KingKempy bringing backup as Lucio.

After capping the first objective, Wyke pulled out several ultimates and destroyed Vertiseas’ bunker, taking all three objectives.

Vertiseas changed their composition to attack, swapping to Reinhardt, Winston, Mei, Pharah, Ana and Mercy – mainly to try and counter Cleggy and Harley’s damage output.

But Cleggy on Torbjorn showed the flexibility of the Gamer Girlz – allowing them to protect the objective and win Hollywood 3-0.

Going into the third map, the Vertiseas had a fire lit under them; they changed their composition in a bid to take out Wyke on Havana.

Wyke put a lot of pressure on the Vertiseas’ tanks by disrupting their movement and inevitably stopping them from setting up.

The Gamer Girlz fought brutally through another bunker setup and achieved all three checkpoints.

Team Vertiseas began their attack slowly but managed to get some good picks and ultimates together to push.

Into overtime, Paramnesia pulled out a triple with his tactical-visor to give Vertiseas some time to push the payload to the first point, but Mehow flew in at the last second to get a quadruple self-destruct.

In the end, Wyke were too much for Vertiseas.

Result: Wyke Gamer Girlz 3-0 Team Vertiseas

MVP: Mehow – Gamer Girlz


Elsewhere in the British Esports Championships

Last week was the week of the sweeps, where almost every winning team across the groups won their maps 3-0, and five teams sit in joint first – Arthur Terry, Circineas, Coventry Crosshairs, GCS Owls and QMSamurai1.

The Circineas fought it out brutally with the CrosskeysKings to take the top spot in Group 1, continuing their winning streak.

In Group 2, Arthur Terry remain at the top of the group after the sweep against KennetKlan1 – pushing them only two points ahead of KeSports and Wyke6OW1. However, the BSA Griffins are just a few points behind in third place, coming off another win.

Coventry Crosshairs pulled off an impressive 3-0 against Team Vertiseas’ 2nd team, giving themselves a five-point lead in Group 3. Potoos came off an unfortunate loss against Wyke6OW2, but still managed to keep themselves in second place in the group.

In Group 4, GCSOwls conquered Basilisk_OW Red 3-0 to maintain their joint top spot with QMSamurai1. 

The BraintreeBasilisks also won 3-0 against Basilisk_OW Blue, and sit comfortably at the top of Group 5 – but the West Suffolk Cobras are just slightly behind, leaving room for them to claim the top spot over the next few weeks.

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This Wednesday, our Twitch channel will broadcast Rocket League matches as we move into week seven of the British Esports Championships!

Broadcast talent

Host: Terry ‘Servitude’ May
Caster: Joe Burton
Caster: Puppeh
Proucer: Tom Maynards
Observer: Harry ‘GKNinja’ Garbutt


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