Beyond the Controller: A Deep Dive with Abdallah Al Ghifari, Senior Esports Manager, Level Infinite MENA, Tencent Global Games

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Beyond the Controller: A Deep Dive with Abdallah Al Ghifari, Senior Esports Manager, Level Infinite MENA, Tencent Global Games

Mimi Craig
7 min read | 21 Feb 2024

In the heart of the Middle East, where the esports landscape is flourishing, we had the privilege of diving into the world of esports with Abdallah Al Ghifari (T0ksiee) , Senior Esports Manager at Level Infinite MENA, Tencent Global Games. Based in the UAE, Abdallah is part of the vibrant esports scene and contributes to the growth of PUBG MOBILE  in the region. In this video interview, he shared his career path so far, insights into the industry and a vision for the future of esports.

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From Gamer to Senior Esports Manager: Abdallah’s Journey Unveiled

The conversation began with Abdallah recounting his journey into the esports industry. He started as an amateur player during his school days, gradually ascending the ranks through numerous tournaments. His competitive journey took him around the world, landing him official contracts and a prominent place among professional teams. However, he recognised the need for diversification and transitioned into casting, commentating, hosting and analysing esports events.

His journey is a testament to the versatility of roles within the industry and the myriad paths one can take to contribute to its growth. Abdallah’s trajectory highlights the importance of exploring various aspects of esports, ultimately leading to his role as a Senior Esports Manager at Level Infinite MENA, Tencent Games Global.

Abdallah Al Ghifari Tencent Interview

Key Skills for Success in the Esports Arena

When probed about the essential skills to thrive in the esports industry, Abdallah emphasised a foundational understanding of esports and its ecosystem. Drawing parallels with traditional sports, he stressed the significance of comprehending the business, athletes and the developmental journey from grassroots to professional levels.

Furthermore, Abdallah highlighted the importance of market knowledge. While individual gaming skills are valuable, understanding the market dynamics and focusing on successful games, such as PUBG MOBILE, can open doors to professional opportunities. He also underscored the value of project management skills, emphasising the need to comprehend how tasks flow from inception to completion.

Education and Experience: Breaking Stereotypes

In response to questions about the required educational background or experience in the industry, Abdallah challenged stereotypes. With a background in civil engineering, he initially questioned how engineering would contribute to esports. However, his engineering background turned out to be an asset, as it equipped him with organisational and managerial skills crucial in the esports industry.

Abdallah’s story serves as a reminder that diverse educational backgrounds can be valuable assets, depending on how individuals leverage and apply their skills within the esports ecosystem.

Advice for Aspiring Esports Professionals

For those aspiring to join the esports ranks, Abdallah’s advice was clear. “Love what you do” was his first and foremost recommendation. Passion for esports, even in uncertain times, can transform the daily grind into an exhilarating journey. His second piece of advice was to seek knowledge relentlessly. Whether you start as a commentator, host or administrator, exploring various roles broadens your understanding and enhances your effectiveness in your chosen field.

Abdallah stressed the importance of embracing opportunities and remaining open to learning, echoing the dynamic and evolving nature of the esports industry.

Abdallah Al Ghifari Tencent Interview Giving Advice

The Future of Esports: A Visionary Perspective

As the interview progressed to the future of esports, Abdallah shared his insights gained from years of experience. Reflecting on the industry’s growth, he highlighted the significant milestones achieved in the Middle East, from regional tournaments to the presence of major publishers. His vision for the future was one of continued expansion and advancement. Abdallah sees esports growing even larger than its current impressive state, with the industry continually redefining what is considered the pinnacle of success.

In conclusion, Abdallah Al Ghifari’s journey and insights provide a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of esports. From player to Senior Esports Manager, his story encapsulates the diverse and dynamic nature of the industry, showcasing the numerous opportunities available for those with a passion for gaming and a determination to contribute to the future of esports in the Middle East and beyond.

Next Up

As we conclude this exploration into the journey of Abdallah Al Ghifari, we are thrilled to unveil our next captivating video case study featuring Krys Jaro, Senior Esports Manager at Level Infinite MENA, Tencent Global Games. Join us next week for an in-depth conversation delving into Krys’s journey, insights and contributions to esports.

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming article and exclusive interview, where we unravel the unique experiences and perspectives that Krys brings to the forefront. Stay connected with us on social media to be the first to know when the next one goes live.

For an even deeper dive into Tencent Games, don’t forget to visit the official Tencent Games website here.

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