British Esports Association announces All Star Showdown tournament for student Rocket League teams

British Esports Association announces All Star Showdown tournament for student Rocket League teams

Dominic Sacco
4 min read | 8 May 2020

The British Esports Association is launching a special competition for schools and colleges, in partnership with Rocket Kingdom TV.

The British Esports All Star Showdown will take place during half term from May 25th to 29th. It’s a double elimination tournament set up to showcase some of the best Rocket League talent from the separate term-long British Esports Championships, offering teams a chance to settle scores with one another.

It’s a student-led initiative, organised by British Esports schools and colleges liaison officer Elliot Bond, with help from students within the Championships who expressed interest in learning about the industry and gaining some work experience. Separate Showdowns in League of Legends and Overwatch are planned for the future, with further details to be revealed later in the year.

Matches will be played from home and streamed via the British Esports Twitch channel from 3pm on May 26th, 28th and 29th.

Eight teams will take part. Four of these are previous winners of the Championships and the other four slots will be allocated by a qualifiers round, held on Sunday May 17th. The qualifiers will be produced by Rocket Kingdom TV.


The confirmed four teams are as follows:

  • Fortes Esports (2019 school champions)
  • SRCulater (2019 college champions)
  • Glasgow Clyde Hotshots (Winter 2019 champions)
  • Sunderland Seers (Spring 2020 champions)


The following teams will take part in the qualifier to fill the remaining four slots. They are all teams that finished highly in previous Championships. We did our best to fit in as many teams as we could but some will unfortunately miss out. We hope to provide additional tournaments in the future as well as our existing Championships to make sure as many teams as possible have a fair chance to participate:

  • DON’T PANiC!
  • Basilisk 
  • AGSB Esports 
  • The Ferrers Esports 
  • Crosskey Kings
  • Marling Matadors
  • Easthampstead Park 
  • Felsted College 


The schedule is as follows: 

  • Qualifiers: Sunday May 17th and Sunday May 24th, from 3pm
  • Quarter Finals: Monday May 25th, from 3pm
  • Upper Bracket Semi Finals (+ Lower Bracket): Tuesday May 26th, from 3pm
  • Upper Bracket Finals (+ Lower Bracket) Thursday May 28th, from 3pm
  • Lower Bracket Semi Final + Final and Grand Final: Friday May 29th, from 3pm


Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis, British Esports Rocket League game adviser and former Rocket League coach for Renault Sport Team Vitality, will host the live matches on stream. He will be joined by Championships admin and caster Nathan ‘SirSquark’ Badger and Rocket League streamer ‘Craftman’.

Students will cast and provide analysis for the qualifiers and quarter finals. 

British Esports will also ensure each team has a teacher involved to act as a point of contact and represent their students.

Further reading: British Esports Championships 2020 Grand Finals Recap“We’re delighted to announce our first ‘Showdown’ tournament, featuring the best teams from our student Championships who will duke it out for a chance at glory. Scores will be settled, rivals will clash and amazing games will be played. Students are also helping to organise the tournament and will no doubt learn some new skills along the way. We can’t wait to get underway and look forward to seeing you all in the Twitch chat!”
Elliot Bond, British Esports schools and colleges liaison officer

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