FGC esports production company Unequalled Media is looking for volunteers

FGC esports production company Unequalled Media is looking for volunteers

Dominic Sacco
3 min read | 11 May 2017

Esports production company and tournament organiser Unequalled Media is looking to give youngsters a chance to break into esports. We sit down with managing director Jamar Jaja (left, pictured with Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono) to see what Unequalled Media does and how volunteers can get involved.

Please tell us about yourself and Unequalled Media.

I studied Production for Live Events and Television at UAL London and decided I wanted to help elevate video production for events in the Fighting Games Community (FGC).

I’d like to give people more opportunities to join these gaming events that we hold.

Officially, Unequalled Media was registered in late 2015 but we have been operating as Unequalled Media for the last three or four years.

Some of our notable events include:

  • Eurogamer Expo Tournament Stage 2013, Multi-game Tournament – EGX
  • Street Fighter IV and V – Capcom Pro Tour Events at EGX Expo
  • Sega Cup Europe 2013 – Sega Europe Virtua Fighter 5 Event
  • Mortal Kombat X – Fatal 8 Pre. Tournament – Warner Bros. Games
  • Mortal Kombat Cup UK Grand Finals – Warner Bros. Games

What kind of people are you looking for? What positions are you looking to fill?

We’re looking for people who are interested in getting work experience from university in TV production and events management. People who enjoy video games and are truly passionate about getting into that industry, as well as people who love videos, filming and live production work.

Also graphic artists are welcome, it’s always nice to have a fresh perspective on design and art.

What are the benefits of volunteering with Unequalled?

The benefits for volunteering would be that hopefully we can teach and learn from these individuals, enabling them to create fun and exciting memories and work practices they can use when they finish their studies. And also, to get real world experience with some of the big events we put on.

Tell us about Winner Stays On, what is this about and how can people get involved?

WinnerStaysOn was created by DJ Logan Sama, who’s also a well known Street Fighter V commentator withing the gaming community. It started out as a weekly tournament in Trocadero in Piccadilly London.

When that died down, Logan created a show with Capcom UK that would help promote Street Fighter V and have some of the well-known fighters in the British fighting games community battle it out live on stream. Since then it has continued to run almost every Tuesday night on Twitch.TV/CapcomFighters.

How can people get in touch with you?

The easiest way to reach us is by visiting our website and filling out the contact us section. We all get alerted to emails from the website. Facebook and Twitter are also good options.




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