Heir 4: Europe’s biggest Smash Melee event takes over Nottingham

Heir 4: Europe’s biggest Smash Melee event takes over Nottingham

Dominic Sacco
10 min read | 23 Aug 2017

Ryan McVean from the British Esports Association takes a look at the results from Europe’s largest Smash Bros Melee tournament.

Heir 4 is Europe’s largest Smash Bros. Melee event which took place between August 17th and 21st at the Lenton & Wortley Hall in Nottingham.

With an incredible singles bracket and the international crews giving everyone someone to cheer for, it was a weekend that the EU Smash community won’t forget anytime soon.

The event started with spectators enjoying some of the best talent on display at Heir. On Friday, the community voted on who they wanted to see take part in the exhibition matches.

Also on Friday, the International Crew battles began, where teams from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales all put forward their best to face against players from the US, Sweden, Germany and more.

The main events began on Saturday. Both doubles and singles took up the majority of the day, before the international crews finals took over the night, Crew battles are a type of match where four players form a team, in this case based on nationality, with a shared life count. The teams then play 1v1 games untill all lives have been lost and the team with remaining lives is considered the winner. In that part of the tournament, Sweden proved itself as the best country in European Smash.

On Sunday – the final day – the singles brackets came to an end and the top 8 prepared for the evening’s finals.

The top 8 consisted of many well-known names, Including TSM RB Leffen (currently ranked 5th in the world), the UK’s Professor Pro (4th In Europe), Tempo Storm’s S2J and Spanish Heir sponsored player Trif.

The final top 8 standings were:

1 Leffen (Sweden)

2 S2J (US)

3 Trif (Spain)

4 Amsah (Netherlands)

5 Professor Pro (UK)

5 Overtriforce (Spain)

7 Vanity Angel (UK)

7 Avalancer (Netherlands)

The response to Heir this year was incredibly positive. With Team Heir previously announcing that Heir 4 was to be the last event in their Heir series, many players and community members were sad to see the popular event go.

This did not dampen the weekend’s festivities though as Twitter was full of positive words and encouragement thanking the organisers and community.

Amsah Augustuszoon@TheRealAmsah

Heir is by far the most enjoyable tournament I’ve been to
For sure don’t let this be the last one @TeamHeir

I need my yearly Ireland chants

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Heir 4 was one of the best tournies I’ve ever been to, really hope it comes back next year
Shoutouts to the Europeans who made it dope

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Adam Lindgren


Thank you @TeamHeir for this weekend =D
More than a tournament for sure, could very well be my favorite event in the world

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