Insomnia 61: Winners Roundup

Insomnia 61: Winners Roundup

Dominic Sacco
2 min read | 31 Aug 2017

Insomnia 61 is the UK’s biggest LAN event with tournaments for several esports games. Ryan McVean and Dom Sacco round up the winners of the main events.


(Picture Credit UK Masters Twitter @UKMasters)

The UK Masters CSGO final was between CeX and Endpoint. The series ended in a 3-0 sweep for Endpoint.

(Picture Credit Multiplay Esports Twitter @MultiplayEsport)
The CS:GO BYOC tournament was won by Vexed Gaming.

League of Legends

(Picture Credit MnM Gaming Twitter @MnMGamingUk)

The League of Legends grand final was between MnM Gaming and eXcel esports. The series went 3-2 with MnM (above) coming out on top.

(Picture Credit Multiplay Esports Twitter @MultiplayEsport)

The League of Legends BYOC tournament, meanwhile, was won by ViM esports (above).


(Picture Credit Multiplay Esports Twitter @MultiplayEsport)

The Overwatch event was dominated by MnM Gaming without dropping a single match, they swept the finals in 2 maps.

Rocket League

(Picture Credit Multiplay Esports Twitter @MultiplayEsport)

The Rocket League tournament was won by Barrage Gaming, defeating team Baws in the grand finals for a clean victory.

Team Fortress 2

TF2 is a staple of Insomnia and this year was no exception. The competition was fierce but team Se7en rose above the competition and claimed the victory.

Other tournaments

Other intermediate competitions included PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Hearthstone. Exhibitors in the expo area also held a number of casual caps, including Nintendo, GAME Belong, MSI, AOC and more, with various prizes up for grabs.



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