Lioness Cup 2023: Women in Esports’ Roar for Diversity in Valorant

Lioness Cup 2023 from Women in Esports

Lioness Cup 2023: Women in Esports’ Roar for Diversity in Valorant

Adam McGowan
6 min read | 16 Nov 2023

The Lioness Cup 2023 emerged as a beacon of inclusivity last month, highlighting the prowess of women in Valorant and championing marginalised genders.

Organised by Women in Esports and supported by Riot, this tournament in the EMEA region goes beyond mere competition; it’s a celebration of diversity and empowerment in the gaming sphere.

“Women in Esports continue to foster the growth of an essential part of our community, this OFF//SEASON event is another step in the right direction by offering a chance for players of all skill levels to participate in a competitive environment”. said Harry ‘Hazza’ Chapman, Valorant Esports Caster

Registration & Qualifiers

The Lioness Cup 2023, an official VCT//OFF SEASON event, welcomes women and marginalised genders. The competition is a testament to the commitment to diversity and inclusion within the esports community. As registrations closed on November 15th, anticipation now surrounds the upcoming Open Qualifiers scheduled for November 18th. Here, teams will compete for a spot in the playoffs, with the top 8 progressing to the next stage.

“Being part of Lioness Cup means a lot to me. I want to be able to showcase talent in the VALORANT women’s scene and give them the recognition that they deserve. The Lioness Cup does exactly that.” said Melanie ‘Mel’ Man, Valoroant Esports Observer

Lioness Cup 2023: Valorant Tournament Talent Announcement.

Valorant Tournament Schedule

The tournament unfolds with a meticulously planned schedule, ensuring a fair and thrilling experience for participants and spectators alike. Commencing on November 18th, the Swiss rounds set the stage for the playoffs. The subsequent days feature a cascade of matches, both in the Upper and Lower Brackets, creating a game changing environment of fierce competition.

Key Dates & Matchups

Saturday, November 18th:

11 am – 6 rounds of Swiss (Bo1) for 32 teams; top 8 progress to playoffs

Sunday, November 19th:

11 am – Upper Bracket Quarter Final (Bo3)

2 pm – Upper Bracket Semi-Final (Bo3)

2 pm – Lower Bracket Quarter Final (Bo3)

Friday, November 24th:

6 pm – Upper Bracket Final (Bo3)

6 pm – Lower Bracket Quarter Final (Bo3)

Saturday, November 25th:

11 am – Lower Bracket Semi-Final (Bo3)

2 pm – Lower Bracket Final (Bo3)

Sunday, November 26th:

2 pm – Grand Final (Bo5)

The Lioness Cup 2023, powered by Women in Esports, is not just a tournament; it’s a movement towards inclusivity and empowerment in esports. As the competition progresses, it showcases the exceptional talent of women and maginalised genders in Valorant and reaffirms the importance of creating spaces that celebrate diversity. Join us in this exciting journey as we witness history being made in the VCT OFF//SEASON, setting new standards for esports inclusivity initiatives.

Watch the Tournament on the Women in Esports Twitch Here.

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