New British Esports game advisers

New British Esports game advisers

Dominic Sacco
2 min read | 28 Feb 2018

The British Esports Association has announced four new game advisers.

The not-for-profit organisation, set up to promote and support grassroots esports in Britain, put together an initial group of game advisers last April in a bid to get closer to the communities within each esports game.

Our new advisers cover the racing game genre and Gwent scene in particular.

Nick Egan, the co-owner and founder of PS4 racing league F1 Ts Hub, has joined as the F1 game adviser.

Phillip Russell, meanwhile, is on board as an adviser for Project CARS 2 – one of the games being used in the inaugural British Esports Championships. Phillip is an aspiring pro sim racer and currently plays in the Project CARS 2 Actrollvision GT5 League on Xbox.

Moving onto Gwent, the growing digital collectable card game (CCG), we have two game advisers: ‘A Round of Gwent’ host, cosplayer and streamer Ash Cosplay, as well as CCG caster and streamer Connagh “Merchant” Hawkins.

Nick Egan said: “I’m extremely happy and excited to be advising the British Esports Association on developments within the F1 games. The work they are doing to bring esports into schools and colleges is really great to see and hopefully in the future we can see the F1 game being used too!”

Over the past few months we’ve been on the lookout for more advisers to better understand the British talent within each game and the latest goings on across many different titles, and we’re still looking for advisers in the following games:

  • Fortnite
  • StarCraft II

The idea is for the advisers to provide input and expertise to make sure we can support and understand each community effectively, and to keep us abreast of changes in the grassroots/wider scene across multiple games.

Advisers will have the opportunity to get involved with our initiatives, like our championships for schools and colleges, and to help ensure we’re considering the needs of the community.

See the full list of British Esports game advisers here



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