Oxford and Cambridge universities prepare to face-off in esports varsity event News

Oxford and Cambridge universities prepare to face-off in esports varsity event News

Dominic Sacco
2 min read | 30 Apr 2018

The rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge universities is well-known, and now there’s an esports competition between the two as well as the famous boat race.

The Varsity Esports Match 2018 – which has been running for five years – is scheduled to take place again this year on June 17th (TBC).

More than 120 people are expected to attend and the matches will be livestreamed on Twitch here and here.

It will see the Oxford University eSports Society (OUES) play against the Cambridge University Digital Gaming Society (CUDGS) at the Oxford campus.

Organisers said in a statement: “The Oxford-Cambridge rivalry has had the two universities competing in sporting events for well over a century, and we are very excited to see the Varsity Esports
Match adding to the history of these two world renowned universities.”

Teams will be carefully curated by each respective university and compete in six different esports showdowns: DOTA 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, CSGO, Hearthstone and StarCraft 2.

Couchcasters are on board as the official event partners, and will provide a team of experienced event coordinators, tech team, production crew and casters. Meanwhile, Twitch will provide transport and coverage of the event on the Twitch homepage.

Other partners include DinoPC, Razer, noblechairs and Zowie.

There will also be a small tech fair with the latest VR and simulation technology on show.



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