Women in Esports partner with Dota Valkyries and launch ‘The Valkyrie Cup’ community tournament

Women in Esports partner with Dota Valkyries and launch ‘The Valkyrie Cup’ community tournament

Adam McGowan
4 min read | 10 Aug 2021

British Esports’ Women in Esports initiative, set up to promote inclusivity and diversity within the esports industry, announce a new partnership with Dota Valkyries.

The Dota Valkyries offer support to every level of player in Dota 2, from grassroots to professional standards. They work to expand the Dota 2 community and bring more women into competitive play.

Both parties look to work together in supporting women within the Dota 2 scene, in addition to collaborating on increasing participation of marginalised genders within esports, from both industry and competitive avenues.

The first activity Women in Esports and the Dota Valkyries will be working on together is the Valkyrie Cup community tournament. The mixed gender tournament will take place between the 18th-19th September.

The entry requirements for this tournament are as follows:

  • A team must consist of a minimum of 5 players, with a minimum of 2 female or non-binary players and a maximum of 3 male players.
  • No player can have more than 4000 MMR at the time of registration to the tournament.

Further reading of the ruleset can be found here.

The event will be hosted on the Women in Esports Battlefy page, with sign ups now open!

Verification for players and teams will be conducted the day before the tournament begins on the Valkyrie Cup discord server. This is to ensure that minimum requirements for the mixed gender tournament are being carried out.

Prizes for the tournament are as follows:
1st Place: 5 x 24 Battle Pass Levels
2nd Place: 5 x 11 Battle Pass Levels
3rd Place 5 x 5 Battle Pass Levels

Live match coverage will be posted on the newly announced Women in Esports Twitter page.

The event will be broadcast on the British Esports Twitch channel, with community streams from those taking part to be encouraged.

Women in Esports chair, Natacha Jones commented: “We’re extremely excited to have partnered with an organisation that closely shares our values. From the offset it’s been clear that we have similar goals and through collaboration we hope to drive long-standing change within the esports industry.

By partnering with the Valkyries we look to encourage participation of marginalised genders, celebrate existing talent and to band together in larger conversations surrounding inclusivity and diversity within the industry”.

Emma Brown, Dota Valkyries added: “We are delighted to have Women in Esports as our first partnership, and can’t wait to see the incredible work we are able to achieve together.

This partnership hopes to be a fantastic consolidation of skills, networks and creativity which will help give us the means to support women throughout the esports industry.

Through this partnership, you can expect further collaboration through content creation, co-branded tournaments and involvement in research projects”.

About Women in Esports

Towards the end of 2019 British Esports launched the campaign to promote diversity and inclusivity within the esports industry. In 2020 British Esports announced that the Women in Esports campaign is now an ongoing initiative, resulting in the formation of a Women in Esports committee.

How to get involved in the initiative.


About Dota Valkyries

Dota Valkyries is an organisation built to improve the lives of women in the DOTA esports scene.

Dota Valkyries aims to create a platform which uplifts women in the community to achieve their maximum potential, and to create new dynamic systems of inclusivity both within the Dota scene and esports as a whole..


Press Contacts

If you have any press enquiries surrounding this release, please reach out to Women in Esports by:

Email: ma@britishesports.org / al@britishesports.org
You can also email general queries to info@britishesports.org

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