NSE launches university esports hub

NSE launches university esports hub

Dominic Sacco
2 min read | 18 Aug 2018

National Student Esports (NSE), the UK university esports body in the UK set up earlier this year by Benchmark and supported by British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS), has announced its new digital community platform.

The platform is designed to support and promote university esports, offering students key information outlining esports activity at their chosen university or to help them decide where to study. It launched a few days ago to coincide with students receiving their A Level results.

The online hub aims to improve the accessibility of university esports for incoming and existing students, as well as university staff and stakeholders in the future development of university esports.

NSE also wants to create opportunities for students outside of players competing in tournaments. For example, content creators, event managers, aspiring marketers and so on.

The platform provides a suite of tools allowing students to self manage their university’s online esports presence and plug their content into the wider community. There’s a searchable directory of universities with profile pages managed by student leaders. Each university is able to aggregate and promote streamers, user submitted news stories and features, and detail the esports history of their university including teams, achievements and notable alumni.

It aims to offer students and university administrators helpful resources and guidance such as policy templates for societies, tools to help universities develop esports spaces and information on relevant deals and discounts, as well as careers info.

“The university esports scene in the UK is a thriving and dynamic ecosystem that’s expanding rapidly,” said Jonathan Tilbury, executive director of NSE.

“We want to give that community a space to achieve their goals, and create a foundation for achieving our own vision of creating the best university esports experience worldwide. Our platform is a means to do that by promoting connectivity and accessibility without trying to change the way people do things.”

For more information you can visit the hub at www.nse.gg

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