British Esports Association announces League of Legends Showdown for top Champs 2020-21 teams

British Esports Association announces League of Legends Showdown for top Champs 2020-21 teams

Dominic Sacco
5 min read | 4 Feb 2021

Following the success of the Rocket League All Star Showdown last year, the British Esports Association has returned to highlight the best League of Legends teams from the winter qualifiers.

The top 8 teams have been invited to face off against each other to settle scores and create new rivalries. The tournament will take place during February half term from February 8th to 12th in a single elimination tournament, set up to showcase some of the best League of Legends talent from the winter qualifiers split in the 2020-21 British Esports Championships.

This tournament enables students aged 12+ to still continue to take part in online competition, whilst waiting for the spring divisions split of the British Esports Championships to continue after February half term.

The showdown is organised by British Esports schools and colleges liaison officer Elliot Bond, who will be producing the broadcast. Talent from our Championships volunteer production team will help cast and produce the Showdown streams.

Further Showdowns in Overwatch, and again Rocket League, will aim to go ahead in the future as well.

Matches will be played from home and streamed via the British Esports Twitch channel from 1:15pm on February 8th, 9th, 11th and 12th.

Eight teams will take part. Those invited were the top two teams from each group from the winter qualifiers League of Legends tournament


The confirmed teams are as follows:

  • AGSB Esports | Altrincham Grammar School For Boys
  • Conel Cyphers | College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL)
  • East Norfolk Knights | East Norfolk College
  • eXecoll LOL | Exeter College
  • FCOT Legends | Farnborough College of Technology
  • Heckmondwike Hotshots | Heckmondwike Grammar School
  • Hills Road SFC2 | Hills Road Sixth Form College
  • NC Dodos | Northampton College


The schedule is as follows: 

  • Monday 8th Feb:- Best of 3
    • 1:15pm Match 1: East Norfolk Knights vs NC Dodos
    • 3:30pm Match 2: Conel Cyphers vs AGSB Esports
  • Tuesday 9th Feb:- Best of 3
    • 1:15pm Match 3: Hills Road SFC2 vs FCOT Legends
    • 3:30pm Match 4: Heckmondwike Hotshots vs eXecoll LOL
  • Thursday 11th Feb:- Best of 3
    • 1:15pm Match 5: Winner of match 1 vs Winner of match 2
    • 3:30pm Match 6: Winner of match 3 vs Winner of match 4
  • Friday 12th Feb:- Best of 5
    • 1:15pm Match 7: Grand final: Winner of Match 5 vs Winner of match 6

Elliot Bond, Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer for British Esports, commented: “Having successfully run the Rocket League showdown back in May half-term last year, I am really excited to offer this opportunity to compete at the highest level in our other titles. This League of Legends showdown will showcase the very best talent from our students this season, particularly during this difficult time.”

As required in the main Championships, British Esports will also ensure each team has a teacher involved to act as a point of contact and represent their students. All participants will abide by our rules and code of conduct. We have our COVID guidelines on participating from home to help enable students and staff team leaders to understand responsibilities and expectations.

This Showdown is separate from the main Championships tournament and will not affect seeding for spring divisions. 

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