Women in Esports Ones to Watch – Top 4 Casters

Women in Esports Ones to Watch – Top 4 Casters

8 min read | 7 Mar 2023

This International Women’s Day, Women in Esports are running a week-long campaign (Centre Stage) to highlight existing and upcoming talent in the industry.

In this piece, we look at a few casters, recommended to us, who are taking the casting space by storm, and share some of their achievements in their career so far.

Pronouns: She / Her

Role: Jack of all trades working in Content, Playing and Commentating

Summer said: “Hi I’m Summer Iola. I’m a content creator, caster and gamer from the UK. I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember and play and cast Valorant, CSGO and R6 at a high level. I’m heavily involved in the UK scene having casted at Epic.Lan multiple times and played on the Insomnia stage. I’ve even covered Polaris on my own channel.

“One of my more recent achievements was being signed to Wylde. They’re a really supportive team and I’m currently building a team for Game Changers. This team is a strong, skilled and exciting and I can’t wait to unveil them soon.”

Quote from Lauryn at Esports Coven: “I’ve recommended Summer because she is an up and coming VALORANT player and caster. She is signed to Irish org WYLDE under their Game Changers roster and has casted several VALORANT events, such as Epic.LAN and W&NB NUEL VALORANT.”

Pronouns: She / Her

Role: Commentator and Analyst

Grace said: “After enjoying the game for a while, I started playing Rainbow Six Siege competitively in 2018, where I became the only woman to win a collegiate siege tournament. I was also one of the first female players to work towards U.K. Prem. I began to focus on being a caster in 2020 and was eventually selected for my first gig with Ubisoft for UKIN2. Since then I’ve gone on to cast multiple national leagues, and have also done a fair bit of Valorant for women’s tournaments and the SA region.   I love my job and I love esports; my personal development has been amazing over the years and I owe it a lot to the esports community.”

Quote from Becca Green at the NUEL: “Grace has continued to be a huge supporter for women in esports, not only by being an amazing caster but also offering support to up-and-coming talent and using her platform to promote other women and women’s initiatives. It’s always a pleasure listening to her casting and to work alongside her as a professional!”

Pronouns: She / Her

Role: SBU commentator and Twitch streamer

Emmie said: “Hello! I’m Emmie, also known as Big Boy or YarakaiEmi! I’m an up-and-coming UK SSBU caster and Twitch streamer. I also sometimes compete in SSBU tourneys and have been competing since Smash 4. Casting in Esports has always been a dream of mine and it would be awesome to make a career out of it! I started casting and streaming to become more confident in myself and to make people smile, laugh and have a good time! I think my biggest achievement in casting so far has been that I casted at the SmashUK/IE Circuit Finale 2022!”

Quote from Becky Wright at NSE: “Emmie comes recommended by one of our student casters that we use for our NSE championship broadcasts. Emmie is an up-and-coming commentator in the UK smash scene and recently worked on the UKIE Smash Ultimate circuit finale. She’s also an active streamer and cosplayer!”

Pronouns: They / She

Role: Freelance commentator and broadcaster (working with British Esports, Altiora and WNAGL) as well as Free Agent VALORANT Coach

EKO said: “I came up through education completing a Cyber Security degree in 2020 but discovered my passion for esports in the later years of university playing in Overwatch tournaments. Then, through joining organisations like Altiora, I started to discover the fun of the behind scenes of tournaments with casting, admin work and coaching teams!

“Now, 3 and a half years later, I’ve coached multiple VALORANT Game Changers teams as well as casting dozens of events with thousands of viewers at a time, including 2 LAN events. I’m so thankful to have been working in the Game Changers space to help bring up the next generation of marginalised gender players and I’m hoping to help get a team to top 16 of EMEA GC in the next two years!”

Quote from Billie Purdie at British Esports: “I first met EKO when we were on the lookout for casters for our Women in Esports VALORANT Showmatch at i69. The energy they brought to the show was electric and was only just the beginning of an integral part I knew EKO would become of our community. They have gone above and beyond in their support for women and marginalised genders since then, not only working in esports but also supporting others through team management and coaching roles in the VALORANT community. I’m looking forward to seeing how EKO develops in esports.”

All of these incredible individuals are making a name for themselves as casters, and pushing to make change for other women and marginalised genders in esports.

To find out more about these individuals, and what else Women in Esports is doing for International Women’s Day – follow Women in Esports on Twitter. 

You can also support Women in Esports’ chosen charity, WomanKind Worldwide, during this campaign over on JustGiving.

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