New British Esports Championships PDFs available to download

New British Esports Championships PDFs available to download

Dominic Sacco
3 min read | 17 Jul 2019

The British Esports Association has published four new downloadable decks for teachers, students and others interested in esports and its benefits.


1. Report on our Alternative Provision Schools Tournament

Published: July 2019

Check out our AP Schools report here:

2 & 3. British Esports Championships deck for 2019/20

Updated version published: June 2019

This deck for teachers explains what the Championships for schools and colleges, how can you sign up, the rules and what info you need to know about systems.

Download our full British Esports Championships 2019/2020 guide here (or a lite version here)

You can also see more in our Championships hub here and register your interest in our next season starting September 2019.


4. What is esports?

Published: July 2019

What’s esports all about, how big is it and how does the industry work? This deck is designed for 

Read our PDF for more info on esports here:


You can download more PDFs on the British Esports resources page here.

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