British Esports resources and info packs

Here’s a collection of PDFs, info packs, videos and other resources from the British Esports Association that you may find useful:


Vision 2022 booklet

British Esports outlines mission to the year 2022


Video: What is esports?

We featured in a video with Sharp Focus Productions to discuss when esports came about, when it really started to take off and the many benefits of getting involved.

Read our PDF for more info on esports here



Esports Parents Guide

With 81% of children playing video games online nowadays, games are arguably a larger part of their lives than ever before.

With esports on the rise, this area is of great interest to many young people beyond just being a hobby. In this guide, we take a look at everything parents may want to know about competitive gaming, including the benefits of esports, career options, age ratings, how to get started and more.

View our Parents Guide in article form here and downloadable PDF from here


Family Video Game Database

Find a wide range of competitive games and ways to improve different gaming skills on the Taming Gaming website. Each game page offers full age ratings and is written by parents for parents.

Also supported by the book Taming Gaming.

Check out age ratings on Family Video Game Database here


British Esports weekly email newsletter

Anyone can sign up to join the association and receive this for free, regardless of nationality or location.

It contains the latest updates from the British Esports Association each week, plus it aggregates the major goings on in the UK scene and the wider esports industry globally.

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Esports career pathways

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See more info on our esports BTEC qualifications with Pearson


Esports age guide

Download our Esports Age Guide here:

Download our Esports Age Guide PDF


The benefits of esports

Download our Benefits of Esports PDF here:

Download our Benefits of Esports PDF

For more info on the benefits of esports, check out some of these articles:


British Esports: Timeline and history

View here

Diversity in esports: The initiatives making esports more inclusive

How accessible is esports for disabled and neurodiverse gamers? Check out a list of charities here

Sign-up poster for British Esports Championships

If you’re a student or teacher in a school or college and are looking for other pupils to form teams to take part in our British Esports Championships, why not print off this poster and put it up in your school or college? (please seek permission from your teacher before doing so)


British Esports Championships content creation guide

Are you taking part in the British Esports Championships and have an interesting story to tell?

Maybe you want to let everyone know about an epic play you made. Perhaps you’re not a player but still want to get involved somehow, or give your school or college’s esports operations some positive PR/coverage. 

Read our guide here


Example PC build page

Want to take part in our Championships but want to know what a PC might cost you first?

Read our example PC guide page here – you can also view our video on how to build a PC here

Twitch Student Program 

The Twitch Student Program helps schools, colleges and universities learn how to stream so that friends, parents and others can watch their matches and other gaming activities live online. It’s integrated within the British Esports Championships so that colleges and schools can gain access to it and its benefits.
Read more here:

Case study: Glasgow Clyde College’s journey in esports

Published: July 2020

Download the case study here



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