Exploring Esports Culture Fusion: Alice’s Madrid Trip Experience

Alice in Madrid

Exploring Esports Culture Fusion: Alice’s Madrid Trip Experience

Adam McGowan
12 min read | 13 Nov 2023

In the world of competitive gaming and esports events, the power of connections and collaborations cannot be understated.

Alice Leaman‘s (Head of Operations at British Esports) recent Madrid travel adventure, invited by How2Go and Madrid Investment Attraction, served as a prime example of how these alliances can foster the growth of British Esports while delving into the vibrant tapestry of Spanish esports and video game culture.

Madrid: The Gateway to Spanish Esports and Beyond

The timing of Alice’s trip was carefully selected to align with Madrid Platform‘s inaugural esports conference and tournament, an event designed to establish Madrid as the capital of Iberoamerica in the world of competitive gaming. This conference, serving as a springboard for many Latin American countries and European nations, showcased the dynamic fusion of gaming enthusiasts, technology integration and cultural experience.

Plaza de Cibeles where Madrid Platform was hosted.

Exploring Madrid’s Traditional Culture and Esports

In the heart of the vibrant Spanish capital, Alice embarked on a journey to connect with key players in the esports and gaming ecosystem. How2Go and Madrid Investment Attraction, graciously presented a remarkable opportunity for British Esports to gain exposure in the Spanish esports scene.

Alice’s travelogue was a whirlwind of exciting encounters and profound insights. She navigated her way through the city, visiting a variety of attractions, all the while immersing herself in Spanish traditions and the unique gaming fusion that defines the Spanish esports landscape.

Tío Pepe building in Madrid.
Traditional Spanish olives and snacks.

A Window into Madrid Esports

During Alice’s stay, she engaged in a series of illuminating discussions and tours, providing a window into the world of Spanish esports:

Day 1:

Madrid Investment Attraction: She shared insights about British Esports, the National Esports Performance Campus (NEPC), global esports events and opportunities in esports. This exchange gave her a deeper understanding of how this city is supporting businesses and driving technology trends in the esports world.

Alice visiting Madrid Investment Attraction.

Madrid in Game and Madrid Game Cluster: Her visit to these facilities allowed her to explore the remarkable technology integration and discuss the striking similarities with the NEPC. Alice delved into the events hosted and the support extended to businesses in the Madrid Game Cluster, highlighting the growing synergy in gaming lifestyles between nations.

Alice visiting Madrid In Game Esports Centre.
Facilities at Madrid In Game.

U-TAD: Conversations revolved around BTEC programs, career opportunities in the esports industry, and the relationship between U-TAD’s courses and real-world applications. This glimpse into Spanish education exemplified how technology trends are shaping the gaming community.

Clay sculptures at U-Tad University.

The I Ibero-American Congress of Esports and Video Games in Spanish: This unique event showcased Spanish esports’ role as a bridge between Iberia and Latin America, hosting rich networking sessions and panel discussions that provided valuable cultural immersion opportunities.

“Fantastic first day in Madrid yesterday getting to meet so many individuals and key stakeholders from the video games and esports ecosystem. There is so much support for this ecosystem in Madrid, amazing facilities, and exciting opportunities.”Alice Leaman, Day 1

Day 2:

Movistar eSports Center: Alice met with Eider Díaz (Marketing and Communications Manager) and Rachel Gin (Team Manager CS:GO/VALORANT), they discussed Women in Esports, bootcamping, the arena facilities and the relevance of esports in the Spanish landscape and the importance of the community.

Touring the facilities at the Movistar Esports Centre.

e-Squad Academy: Alice met José Ruiz at E-Squad The eSports Academy, where he showed them around the facilities and explained the development pipeline for students, and the shared understanding of the importance of esports being inclusive for everyone.

Exploring the facilities at the e-Squad Academy.

BeFootball VR: While enjoying a hands-on experience with VR, Alice explored opportunities for community events and expanding the user base, accentuating the importance of cultural exploration within gaming.

Football Memorabilia at the facilities of BeFootball VR.

Madrid Platform: She made great connections and had insightful discussions whilst at Madrid Platform, with the likes of:

  • LVP: Alice had the privilege of meeting Jordi Soler Cantalosella, CEO of Liga de Videojuegos Profesional. They discussed BEF and LVP, what they do, opportunities and the UK esports scene, further strengthening the ties between British and Spanish esports.
  • GG Tech: She also was able to meet with Alberto Martín Fabián, their Chief Revenue Officer. The aim of this meeting was to get to know the activity of GG tech, to learn how Gamergy works and to raise awareness of the capacity of the Madrid video games sector.

“Trying out VR, a trip to esports facilities, and a visit to the first Ibero-American Congress of Esports and Videogames was a great way to culminate my time in Madrid.” – Alice Leaman, Head of Operations, British Esports

Women in Esports: Bridging Gender Gaps in Madrid

Alice’s trip was about connecting British Esports with Spanish esports and gaming but also about reinforcing the pivotal role of women in the industry. Her presence underscored a powerful message – that gender inclusivity is not only essential but that women have a vital place in the gaming community.

The Women in Esports initiative is not just about increasing female representation; it’s about breaking down barriers and creating an environment where women can thrive in the gaming world. In Madrid, Alice had insightful discussions and interactions with key players in Spanish esports, which included the importance of gender diversity and the need to provide equal opportunities to all enthusiasts, regardless of their gender.

Alice with Eider Díaz (Marketing and Communications Manager) and Rachel Gin (Team Manager CS:GO/VALORANT)

In the ever-evolving landscape of esports, we should celebrate the achievements of women in esports who are making their mark. Their passion, talent, and dedication are shaping the future of gaming. As we look to the future, let us recognise that the gaming world is richer and more vibrant when everyone, regardless of their gender, has an equal opportunity to participate and thrive.

Esports is a world of opportunities, from gamers to inclusivity advocates and businesses seeking growth. Inspired by Alice’s journey, join us.

Here’s how:

Support Inclusivity: Champion diversity in esports.

Connect Globally: Foster growth through international collaborations.

Stay Informed: Keep up with esports trends.

Participate: Contribute as a player, content creator or professional.

Engage with British Esports: Explore collaboration opportunities.

Esports’ future is bright and we invite you to be part of the evolving gaming landscape. Join us at the Be The Change: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Summit powered by Women In Esports. Where we’re helping to build a more inclusive and vibrant community. Esports is a global movement and we welcome you to be part of it.

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