We’ve produced two interactive maps (click right) to allow you to see the institutions involved in esports around the UK

We will be continually updating these maps as the numbers of institutions offering the courses and taking part in the tournament increase.

First up, those running the Esports BTEC course. The British Esports Association has partnered with global learning company Pearson to create the world’s first qualification of its kind for a career in esports.

The new esports BTEC qualifications – being taught as of September 2020 – are skills-focused and are a major step forward in supporting the creation of long-term careers in the growing esports industry both in the UK and internationally.

Esports is an exciting, team-based activity that engages a wider demographic of young people than traditional team activities such as sport, music, art or drama – including, but not limited to, those who are not ‘into’ these activities.

Then, the British Esports Championships are a nationwide tournament for students aged 12+ representing their school or college in games including League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket League.

There are hundreds of teams around the UK taking part in the Championships.

Click on the map to the right to see which schools and colleges are offering the BTEC course and taking part in the British Esports Championships around the UK (including those who played in past seasons).

Esports BTEC map:

British Esports Championships map: