Introducing the Esports Leadership Programme | Sign Up Today!

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Introducing the Esports Leadership Programme | Sign Up Today!

Mimi Craig
8 min read | 21 Mar 2024

British Esports is excited to unveil our groundbreaking partnership with the Leadership Skills Foundation. Together, we introduce the Esports Leadership Programme, a pioneering initiative designed to cultivate leadership skills among young individuals.

Pioneering Pathways for Youthful Talent

The Esports Leadership Programme demonstrates a significant breakthrough by offering the first-ever esports qualifications tailored for individuals aged 11 and above. This innovative collaboration aims to provide young enthusiasts with a structured pathway to explore and excel in the esports industry from an early age.

Nurturing Leadership from the Ground Up

At the heart of the programme lie two distinct qualifications: the Level 1 Qualification in Leadership Skills and the Level 2 Qualification in Leadership Skills. These qualifications, delivered through a network of Trailblazer Centres spanning schools, community groups and FE Colleges, aim to instill essential leadership competencies crucial for spearheading esports activities.

Kalam Neale, Head of Education at British Esports. Speaking on stage at Bett 2024.

Bridging the Age Gap in Esports Education

Unlike traditional esports qualifications, which typically cater to older students, the Esports Leadership Programme breaks new ground by catering to a younger demographic. By welcoming participants as young as 11, this initiative addresses a crucial gap in secondary education in the existing esports education landscape, fostering early engagement and long-term involvement in the field.

Fostering Inclusivity and Accessibility

One of the key strengths of the Esports Leadership Programme lies in its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Through partnerships with alternative provision schools and online delivery options, the programme ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those with disabilities, can access and benefit from esports education through flexible approaches to delivery and assessment.

Lucy Supperstone, Director of Innovation and Standards at the Leadership Skills Foundation. Speaking at Bett 2024.

 “Ultimately, we hope that the Esports Leadership Programme will be the foundation for many young people to develop the skills that will be so vital for their future.” Added Lucy Supperstone, Director of Innovation and Standards at the Leadership Skills Foundation.

A Stepping Stone to Success

Beyond honing leadership skills, the Esports Leadership Programme acts as a vital gateway for aspiring esports professionals and the broader workforce. Participation in events like the British Esports Student Champs offers invaluable experience and recognition, laying a strong foundation for career growth within the industry.

In today’s rapidly expanding job market, where up to 85% of jobs expected in 2030 haven’t been conceived yet, it’s crucial to prioritise skills that transcend specific roles. Referencing the recent LSF Esports Skills blog, which emphasises the importance of developing the five key skills identified by sources like the World Economic Forum Jobs of 2025 and the Dell Survey, it’s clear that adaptability, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication are essential for future success.

By focusing on these vital skills, participants not only enhance their prospects within esports but also position themselves for success in a broader professional landscape. This approach ensures readiness for the esports job market, where adaptability and a versatile skill set will be indispensable.

Student Champs 2023 Finals

Building a Network of Trailblazers

The programme’s success hinges on the dedication and commitment of its Trailblazer Centres. Currently, 16 institutions have pledged to deliver the Esports Leadership Programme. From schools to community trusts affiliated with renowned football clubs, these Trailblazers represent a diverse network dedicated to nurturing the next generation of esports leaders. Here is the current list of Trailblazers:

  • Sophia High School
  • MidKent College
  • Barnsley College
  • Argyle Community Trust
  • Bolton Wanderers Community Trust
  • Dearne Valley College
  • Port Vale Foundation
  • Stockport County Community Trust

  • Sheffield United Community Foundation
  • Sheffield Wednesday FC Community Programme
  • Lytham St. Annes High School
  • Sandwell College
  • Tranmere Rovers Education Hub
  • School of esports
  • Exeter City Community Trust
  • Belfast Metropolitan College

Applications Close March 29th

As the deadline for Trailblazer applications approaches, British Esports encourages educational institutions to seize this unique opportunity. Whether you’re an educator keen on establishing a Trailblazer Centre or a student eager to embark on an esports education journey, now is the time to get involved and shape the future of esports leadership.

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Contact Us

For further information on becoming a Trailblazer Centre or enrolling in the Esports Leadership Programme, reach out to British Esports or the Leadership Skills Foundation today!

Kalam Neale, Head of Education at British Esports: 

Kathryn Holland-Heathers, Market Development Manager at theLeadership Skills Foundation: 

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