Student Champs 23/24: Springing Back Into Action

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Student Champs 23/24: Springing Back Into Action

Mimi Craig
8 min read | 15 Feb 2024

The British Esports Student Champs Spring Season has kicked off with a bang. It’ll bring together talented teams, passionate players and eager schools and colleges in a thrilling showcase of competitive gaming. As we explore everything that’s happened so far, let’s take a look at the key numbers, highlights and what’s in store for the rest of the season.

Apex Legends Student Cup Unleashed

This Spring Season has seen a remarkable turnout, with a total of 38 teams battling it out in the inaugural Apex Legends Student Cup. Organised into four groups, the teams are set to engage in intense competition over 6 weeks. The top 20 teams will aim to secure a spot in 2 weeks of finals. The diversity and skill on display so far reflect the growing popularity of esports among students
Watch live each Thursday at 4pm on our Twitch channels BEF Main Channel and BEF 2nd Channel, run with the help from College of Esports.

Apex Legends Student Champs Cup 2024 Group B and Group D

Nationals and Regional Rivalries

After a thrilling two weeks of intense fixtures, Nationals has not only witnessed captivating moments but also witnessed extraordinary performances. Teams have showcased their skills, relentlessly aiming for the pinnacle spots on the leaderboard. In this fiercely competitive tournament, every match is a crucial battle and the stakes are soaring high for those aiming to secure the highly sought-after positions.

The teams, strategically regionalised for the Spring Season and seeded, have started engaging in three weeks of relentless fixtures, setting the stage for a exciting final round post the half-term break. As the tension mounts, the top-performing teams will advance to Eliminations for the Regional Brackets. The ultimate goal for these teams will be emerging victorious.

Regional champions will then meet at an eagerly anticipated in-person event hosted at the National Esports Performance Campus, where they will face off in a showdown of skill and strategy at the live Grand Finals.

Watch all the live National Champs coverage each Wednesday here, and view past highlights.

Student Champs Tournament Explainer Graphic

Open Division: Winter Standings and New Contenders

Teams in the Open division have undergone regionalisation, their groupings determined by their geographical locations and Winter standings. Additionally, new teams and fresh faces have joined Division 2, adding an exciting dynamic to the competition. Intense battles have unfolded in the lead-up to the half-term break. Upon their return, teams will have an additional few weeks to accumulate points, setting the stage for eliminations.

Following this preliminary phase, the standout teams from the North and South merge into elimination brackets within their respective divisions. The pinnacle of this tournament will be the Grand Finals, set to be broadcasted live on our Twitch channel . College of Esports will be aiding with production, allowing enthusiasts to witness the crowning moments of victory.

Watch all the live Open Champs coverage, produced by our exclusive university partner College of Esports, each Wednesday here, and view past highlights.

Student Champs Cups

In the Women in Esports Overwatch 2 Cup, teams have showcased their skills and strategies in the highly popular team-based first-person shooter game. The competition has been fierce, with teams vying for supremacy and the chance to make their mark.

Simultaneously, the Women in Esports VALORANT Cup has seen players go head to head in the tournament. Precise aim, strategic planning and quick reflexes will be the key to success. The VALORANT Cup has provided a platform for players to exhibit their mastery of the game’s mechanics. The spectators will eagerly follow the action-packed matches as teams strive to outsmart and outgun their opponents.

Watch all the live Women in Esports Cups coverage each Wednesday here, and view past highlights.

Student Champs Trophy for Valorant 22/23

What’s Next After Half-Term?

Looking ahead, the anticipation continues to build as the Street Fighter 6 Spring Cup gears up to start after the half-term break. The tournament promises to deliver yet another thrilling chapter this season.

For those eager to stay updated on the upcoming Street Fighter 6 Spring Cup, the official tournament page provides essential information and details about the competition, the link can be found here
Post half-term break, Round 3 for all main Champs titles will commence on February 28th. The Group Stage for the Apex Legends Student Cup, will follow on February 29th. Street Fighter 6 will also kick off its Spring Cup fixtures on Thursdays, promising more action-packed gameplay.

Students Playing Games on PC at Student Champs

Grand Finals on the Horizon

The British Esports Student Champs Spring Season is in full swing and the excitement is palpable. Teams will showcase their skills and strategies across various esports titles. The viewers can look forward to more thrilling moments in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for intense competition, fierce rivalries and the crowning of champions at the Grand Finals – the journey is only just beginning!

Visit the official Student Champs tournament platform to find out more here.

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