Student Champs Spring Registration Now Open: Winter Recap

Student Champs 2023/24 Spring Registrations Open Now

Student Champs Spring Registration Now Open: Winter Recap

Adam McGowan
4 min read | 5 Dec 2023

As winter winds down, British Esports’ Student Champs is thrilled to announce the opening of registration for the upcoming Spring season. The tournament has been filled with students’ competitive energy over the past 5 to 7 weeks, depending on the league, and here’s a recap of the exciting Winter split action that has set the stage for the upcoming Spring season.

Street Fighter: Top 8 Progress to Bracket

In the realm of Street Fighter 6, competitors engaged in 6 to 7 weeks of intense swiss rounds. The top 8 from this gauntlet are now poised to enter a single-elimination bracket, where only one will emerge victorious, being crowned the winner.

Women in Esports: Overwatch 2 & VALORANT Playoffs

Meanwhile, the Women in Esports Cup has witnessed teams battling it out in both Overwatch 2 and VALORANT. As the Winter season concludes, these dedicated squads are gearing up for the peak of their journey in a double-elimination playoffs bracket. These matches are set for thrilling showdowns and defining moments.

Apex Legends Joins the Fray

In other news, Student Champs welcomes Apex Legends to its wider cups! Brace yourself for action as teams, each with 3 players, compete in the team based battle royale. The scoring system, mirroring professional standards, rewards skill and strategy with points for kills and placement. Apex Legends promises a fiercely competitive tournament.

Triple Streams, Triple Action Weekly

To ensure viewers don’t miss a moment of the action, Student Champs continues to deliver an immersive experience with three streams each week. College of Esports broadcast our Open on British Esports’ secondary Twitch channel, the Nationals takes center stage on the British Esports Federation’s main Twitch channel, and the Women in Esports Cup captivates audiences on Women in Esports’ Twitch channel.

Spring Registration Opens: Sign Up Now

For those unfamiliar, the British Esports’ Student Champs – it’s a dynamic platform that invites students aged 12 and above from schools and colleges across the UK to engage in the exciting world of competitive gaming. As we transition from the riveting Winter season to the promising Spring edition, now is the perfect time for aspiring esports enthusiasts to seize the opportunity and sign up for the Student Champs Spring registration, open from the 4th of December 2023 till the 10th of January 2024.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the next chapter! Register now and join the ranks of passionate gamers ready to make their mark in British Esports’ Student Champs. Register now for entry into the Open and wider cups, consisting of: Overwatch 2, VALORANT, League of Legends, Rocket League and Apex LegendsClick here!

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