League of Legends Week 5 Spring Recap – Student Champs 2022-23

League of Legends Week 5 Spring Recap – Student Champs 2022-23

8 min read | 10 Mar 2023

League of Legends was back in the Student Champs spotlight last week, with four new teams battling it out for points on the group leaderboards.

Vlad ‘WaXeN’ Catusanu looks back at the League matches between Glasgow Clyde Gladiators and Franklin Raiders, and AGSB and Soup Mentality.

Full highlights for these League of Legends matches can be found on the British Esports YouTube Channel, or through the link below.

Game 1 – Glasgow Clyde Gladiators Vs Franklin Raiders:

Glasgow Clyde Gladiators:

Lukas Bradley

Franklin Raiders:

The Nutquacker

The first League of Legends British Esports 2023 Spring matches started off slow with the 10 players trading last hits, without any notable skirmishes, with both teams having used the early game just to farm and gather information around the map.

Despite the relatively quiet first 10 minutes, the following five were nothing short of action-packed, with a series of back to back teamfights going in favour of Franklin Raiders, finally stopped by Brenarvi on Lillia with a double kill. 

A minute 17 rotation from LucasBradley, granted Glasgow a double kill and a turret. Despite this small success, the confidence Glasgow Clyde displayed just a minute later was unwarranted, as they were still trailing 7k gold behind, a disadvantage evidenced by the Raiders who repelled the Gladiators’ aggression instantly with a triple kill. 

Across the map, SirChunkey was riding the momentum, punishing NathanSeagull, and immediately rotating mid, to enable The Nutcracker to pick up another double kill for the Franklin Raiders.

A 10k gold lead was more than enough for JoshEwobus to dive into the base of  Glasgow Clyde, trading his own life for 3 opponents, thus opening up the map even more for his team to secure the Baron.

With their final breath, the Gladiators managed to chain together their spells and ultimate’s and slay JoshEwobus with their combo-wombo, but with the empty tank, there was nothing left for them to do in front of the four remaining Raiders – who proceed to turn the fight around and win in just a little over 25 minutes.

Game 2 – AGSB Vs Soup Mentality:

Soup Mentality:

Mr Oops



In this second League of Legends match, we saw AGSB and Soup Mentality go head to head for points on the League leaderboards.

A successful minute four skirmish initiated by Soup Mentality grants them the first blood, taming Beastmaster99, whilst MrOops barely manages to avoid getting his life traded in the process.

Upon respawn, a rotation from Beastamaster’s VI almost caught Soup Mentality off-guard, but the top laners’ gamesense allowed them to dodge the gank.

Seven minutes in, the creep score was even across the board, with a slim gold advantage favouring SM due to the first blood.

A sneaky Dragon play from AGSB gets punished in the very last second by a well-coordinated Soup Mentality, who manage to snatch the Dragon and slay two opponents, thus extending their lead at the end of the early game.

A solo kill top at minute 10 was the first glimpse of success thus far for AGSB. Despite playing with their backs towards the wall for the first large portion of this match, a brilliant sacrifice play in the top lane from BanteryBoy, allowed the rest of AGSB to engage in a flawless 4-versus- 3 teamfight bottom, despite the back to back Dragons that Soup Mentality had just secured at that point. 

An outstanding sequence of ultimates from AGSB that seemed to secure them a 20 minute river fight, was surprisingly overturned by Mr. Oops that somehow survived through that initial burst damage, allowing Soup Mentality to ace AGSB and convert the third dragon on the back of a triple kill from Mr. Oops.

AGSB’s players managed to showcase their experience by yet again sacrificing a single player, baiting an overcommitment from Soup Mentality and swiftly punishing four players. Upon slaying the Baron and with a 5k gold advantage, AGSB started knocking at the door of SPM’s base.

AGSB managed to get another double kill on the back of a player attempting to help Callum, which got caught severely out of position.

A mistake, which saw SPM attempt to save Callum outside their base cost them dearly, losing both him and Espeon, was signaling the beginning of the end for Soup Mentality. But, despite the player and gold advantage, AGSB’s patience, not wanting to take any risks, allowed both of the fallen players respawn and sneak the next Baron as a four and then clean their first three turrets of the match, thus reducing the gold deficit to only 3k at the 33 minute mark.

A flawless initiation from BanteryBoy gave AGSB the needed advantage to win the following Dragon fight and turn the match in their favour, despite some great efforts from Mr Oops.

The back and forth continued for two more minutes, upon the Baron spawning, all 10 players were set to give their all in order to win what looked like the final encounter of the match. BestGlizzyEu’s Caitlyn’s poor positioning, forced them to get long range chip-damaged, which forced them to go back to base in order to heal, whilst Soup Mentality jumped straight into the pit, forcing AGSB to initiate in a 4-versus-5 combat. The player disadvantage proved too big of a hurdle to overcome, as Soup Mentality traded Callum’s life for an Ace and a Victory over the undefeated former Student Champs League of Legends winner, AGSB, thus cementing Soup Mentality as a top contender for the 2023 season. 

Eager for more Student Champs, or League of Legends action? You can catch weekly streams over on the British Esports Twitch channel at 4pm every Wednesday – with more League action coming in the next few weeks!

As well as this, the Overwatch 2 Women in Esports Division of the Student Champs is featured every week over on the Women in Esports Twitch.

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