Scrim Etiquette – Rocket League

Scrim Etiquette – Rocket League

6 min read | 10 Jan 2023

Looking to take part in some Rocket League scrims, but not sure how to begin?

Krzyś ‘Ducky’ Goodchild, Head Admin for Rocket League in the British Esports Student Champs shares their top tips for the correct scrim etiquette.

When looking to scrim in Rocket League you need to know where you should look before you even get started.

You can either:

  • Look in the LFS channel for Rocket League in the Champs discord server to see if teams are looking for a scrim at the level and time you need.
  • Post a LFS yourself in the appropriate channel.

When you find the correct place to put your scrim requests, you need to use the correct format to ensure that other teams know exactly what you are looking for.

How do you write a LFS message?

Here are some example of LFS messages for Rocket League:
LFS | Dia 1-3 | 5 games | 17:00 GMT
LFS | EU | 18:00 GMT | 2 hour
LFS | Gold 1 – Gold 3 | 5 games

Making sure you stick to a known format for any messages helps yourself and other teams to find a scrim that suits the needs of your roster.

Important things to remember:

  • Skill level – make sure to look at the Rocket League skill rating (Gold 1-3, Dia1-3, SSL etc.).
  • Time: Can be in GMT/BST/CET/CEST, just specify the date you need the scrim for and the selected time zone.
  • Length: Time or game length i.e. 2 hours or 10 games -> make sure the opposing side is aware of the timeframe you wish to use.
  • Console/Platform isn’t a necessity as Rocket League is a cross-platform title.
  • Agree the details of a scrim in DMs e.g. who will be hosting, what map you want to play on, etc.
  • For the skill level: be as specific as you can – the distance in skill level between different ranks is very high so be aware of your team’s abilities.
  • Once you have found a scrim partner, it is a good idea to cross out or delete your LFS post so you won’t get messages after organising your scrim.

When looking for a scrim, don’t ping the entire server. Only ping when it is urgent that you find a scrim (10 minutes before a scrim or looking for a scrim as your opponent has cancelled). This will make the whole process easier for everyone to use.

Scrim etiquette:

Before the scrim:

  • Every player should be available at the agreed upon time for a scrim. That means, in the lobby and at their device ready to play.
  • If a team cannot make a scrim for whatever reason, the opponent should be messaged as soon as possible to allow them time to find a replacement.

During and after the scrim:

  • Be aware of the delays that can occur when setting up a scrim, the delay should never be longer than 10-15 minutes.
  • If a team is not ready after 15 minutes, the opposing team will be able to look for a new scrim partner.
  • Do not spam pings to be toxic
  • After a match is done, everyone should type ‘gr’ (good round) or ‘gg’ (good game).
  • Refrain from making any comments about the gameplay, and avoid toxicity in general.

While “demoing” is a fun part of Rocket League, it can be deemed discourteous to repeatedly demo the same person.

Breaks / Pauses:

There are issues that can occur at any point during a game (Game or hardware issues, IRL issues, etc)

  • If it cannot wait till the end of the game, ask your opponent to pause the match via game chat. They should then pause immediately and then ask for permission to restart when both teams are ready.
  • Rocket League has a default 2 minute break in between rounds, take this time to prepare your team for the next part of your scrim (if you need to take a break, please make your opponent aware).

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