British Esports Student Champs

A series of competitive video gaming tournaments for school and college students aged 12+ across the UK

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Want to learn more about the UK’s largest amateur grassroots esports tournament for schools and colleges?

Check out the 2023/24 Student Champs explainer video, featuring a detailed breakdown of the new tournament formats(s), including the introduction of the Nationals and Open, along with entry fee requirements, wider Cups and more.


Key Resources

Champs 2023/24 Handbook


Code of Conduct

Parent & Carers Guide

Champs 2023/24 Brand Guide

Champs 2023/24 Recommended Kit

Champs 2023/24 PC Specs

Champs 2023/24 Teacher FAQs

Champs 2023/24 Port IPs

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Join over 5,000 players competing in the Student Champs from across the UK.

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