Women in Esports

A diversity and inclusion initiative launched in 2019, and led by British Esports.

About Us:

We are Women in Esports, and we are proud to lead the charge for change in the industry. We invite all individuals who share our values and our vision to join us in this mission. Together, we can create a more equitable and inclusive future for esports.

Women in Esports is led by Alice Leaman (Head of Operations), Billie Purdie (Women in Esports Manager), Bryony-Hope Green (Content Manager), and Jasmine Hong (Operations Executive).

The initiative also has a Committee, of which is made up of 16 individuals from across the esports industry.


Key Pillars:

Our key pillars drive the initiative, and are the core focus of what we aim to achieve at Women in Esports.

We have four main pillars:

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The Women in Esports Committee

 The Women in Esports Committee covers a wide variety of experience within the esports space and provides advice and guidance to help steer the initiative moving forward. They meet regularly throughout the year to discuss future plans and action points.

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