Insomnia64 to host British Esports Championships finals

The Spring 2019 British Esports Championships Grand Finals will be taking place at Insomnia64 Gaming Festival at the Birmingham NEC this weekend.

The school and college winners from Season 1 and Season 2 will face one another on Friday April 19th and Saturday April 20th.

There will be six finals overall (each game will have one final for schools and one for colleges) across 3v3 Rocket League, 6v6 Overwatch and 5v5 League of Legends.

British Esports Association has partnered with Insomnia and Belong Arenas for the finals, with some of our matches taking place on the Esports Stage where the Arena Clash finals will also get underway across the long weekend.

We also have some great casters streaming some of the finals. All the League of Legends finals will be streamed to and casted by Chronicler and GreyHart. The Overwatch colleges grand final matches will also be streamed to and casted by BiggHungryPhill and vowels. Rocket League finals will unfortunately not be streamed as the space we have for those is in the BYOC hall.

The matches are as follows:

  • League of Legends schools: Beyond Reality vs AGSB Esports (April 20th, 10.30am, Esports Stage)
  • League of Legends colleges: Seers vs Farnborough Falcons (April 19th, 10am, Esports Stage)
  • Overwatch schools: The Brights vs Scorpions (April 20th, 2.30pm, Tournament Zone, BYOC Hall)
  • Overwatch colleges: Seers vs Farnborough Falcons (April 19th, 1.30pm, Esports Stage)
  • Rocket League schools: Fortes Esports vs EP Esports (April 19th, 4pm, Tournament Zone, BYOC Hall)
  • Rocket League colleges: SRCulater vs Seers (April 19th, 4pm, Tournament Zone, BYOC Hall)

There’s more info on our finals and Season 2 winners here.

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