Navigating Esports Operations: Insights from Lexi Ma, Lead of Esports Operations at Level Infinite

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Navigating Esports Operations: Insights from Lexi Ma, Lead of Esports Operations at Level Infinite

Mimi Craig
5 min read | 6 Mar 2024

Esports has had a surge in popularity over the past decade, captivating millions of fans worldwide. Behind the scenes, professionals like Lexi Ma play a pivotal role in shaping and fostering the growth of esports. As the Lead of Esports Operations at Tencent’s Level Infinite, Lexi sheds light on her journey, the skills required for success and the promising future of esports.

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Role at Tencent Games

Continuing our exclusive interview series, Lexi introduced herself as the Lead of Global Esports Operations at Level Infinite, Tencent’s global games brand. When she stepped into her role she worked on  PUBG MOBILE. Her role extends beyond content creation, encompassing community management and the coordination between the game and esports. Lexi emphasises the importance of multifaceted skills and making things happen.

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Journey into the Esports Industry

Lexi’s entry into the esports industry began in 2015 when mobile gaming was rapidly gaining traction. She was inspired by the enthusiasm of esports fans and the adrenaline-pumping excitement of players. Due to this inspiration, she organised esports tournaments in the Chinese market. Lexi’s journey involved a transition to Tencent’s Level Infinite, where she continued to contribute to the growth of esports, showcasing her commitment to the industry.

Key Skills for Success

Passion and interest in gaming and esports are the bedrock of success in the industry, according to Lexi. She emphasises that overcoming challenges, handling pressure and maintaining a strong work ethic are crucial for ensuring the smooth execution of tournaments. In esports, adaptability and resilience are key attributes.

Experience and Educational Background

The esports industry welcomes professionals from diverse backgrounds. Lexi points out that opportunities range from game design to content creation and marketing. As the industry expands, there is a growing demand for individuals with a variety of skills. Making esports accessible to a broad spectrum of talents and educational backgrounds.

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Advice for Aspiring Esports Professionals

Lexi’s advice to those aspiring to enter the esports industry is simple – if you have a passion or interest in gaming or esports, there are numerous paths available for you. This industry thrives on the dedication and enthusiasm of its participants. It’s an ideal space for those with a genuine love for gaming.

The Best Part of the Job

For Lexi, the most exhilarating aspect of his role is experiencing live events. Joining teams, participating in the chanting and absorbing the atmosphere created by fans are the moments that validate all the hard work and effort. The tangible connection between the esports community and professionals like Lexi, underscores the sense of fulfillment derived from contributing to such events.

The Future of Esports

Lexi envisions a bright future for esports, as it seamlessly integrates into the sports industry. With esports competitions being recognised in events like the Southeast Asian Games and the Asian Games, the industry continues to attract a growing audience. Lexi predicts that esports will not only grow in scale but also influence an increasing number of people. Esports is cementing its position as a global entertainment phenomenon.

Coming Up

As our series continues, be sure to mark your calendars and follow our socials for the next installment in our exclusive video interviews. Join us next Wednesday as we sit down with Max Yeung, Senior Esports Manager at Level Infinite. Max will share his experiences, what jobs are available, what it takes to carve out a lasting career in esports and why it’s worth it. Visit Level Infinite’s official website for more information here.

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