British Esports launches new Parent & Carer Guide in collaboration with NSPCC

The British Esports has developed a Parent’s Guide in collaboration with the NSPCC, which aims to educate parents and carers about esports and online safety.

This guide has been created to provide information to help parents understand more about the esports industry.

Parents and carers can utilise this guide to expand their knowledge of the industry, the benefits of their children being involved and how some of the skills learnt through esports can be used in alternative industries.

Various areas are covered in the guide to ensure that parents are provided with relevant facts about what esports is, and the prospects that come alongside it.

The contents of the guide include:

  • Information about the British Esports Student Champs
  • Benefits of esports
  • Esports in education
  • Academic pathways
  • Inclusivity and diversity in esports
  • How you can get involved with your child
  • Parents testimonials
  • Online safety

Download the Parent & Carer guide here. 

Read the full press release here. 

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Are you taking part in the British Esports Student Champs and have an interesting story to tell?

Maybe you want to let everyone know about an epic play you made. Perhaps you’re not a player but still want to get involved somehow, or give your school or college’s esports operations some positive PR/coverage. 

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