Game jargon – League of Legends

Game jargon – League of Legends

10 min read | 1 Jun 2022

Have you ever been in a match of League of Legends and been confused by some in-game terminology?

We have put together this guide to help you get to grips with callouts and terms you will most commonly hear in a League match. 

Baron Nashor (or just Baron)

The 2nd strongest neutral objective in the game, killing it gives huge team advantages, spawns in the baron pit after 20 minutes (top river).

Blue Buff/Red Buff

Jungle camps that provide the jungler with utility and damage buffs that last for a couple of minutes.

Bot lane

The bottom lane of the map.


Areas of tall grass on the map. You cannot be seen by the enemy if you are standing in a brush unless they are also standing inside the brush, or an item/ability has given them vision of you.

Dragon soul

A powerful buff that your team earns after killing 4 dragons in the same game. They have different buffs depending on the element (Cloud, Infernal, Mountain, Ocean, and Hextech).


Neutral objective that spawns at 5 mins, and every 5 min after that. The drakes have different elements, providing different buffs to the team that kills it (spawns in the drake pit – bot river).

Elder Drake/Dragon

After 4 dragons have been slain by the same team, the Elder Drake/Dragon will spawn next, giving the team who kills it incredible execution power for a few minutes.


A summoner ability on a long cooldown that slows down an enemy, and reduces their damage output.


A summoner ability on a long cooldown that teleports a player a short distance towards their cursor.


An item that revives you after death (240sec cooldown).


When multiple members of the team converge on an enemy to try and secure a kill (usually a Jungler’s job).

Glass cannon

A full attack based item build – with no defensive items.


A summoner ability on a long cooldown that will heal the player and a nearby ally for a small amount.


A summoner ability on a long cooldown that is used to try and kill an enemy on low health, dealing burn damage and reducing healing.


The defensive building that spawns waves of creeps. If you destroy an enemy’s inhibitor – your team will spawn a ‘super-minion’ in that lane for the next 8 waves.


(Top/bot jungle + river) – Any area that isn’t the main 3 lanes on the map.

Lane Swap

The act of swapping lanes with an ally to surprise or change the laning phase.

Laning phase

The first period of the game.

Late game

When both teams are moving as a single unit using strength in numbers to overwhelm their opponent.

Mid game

Usually when the outer turrets have fallen, and teams start to group up for objectives and single lane pressure.

Mid lane

The middle lane of the map.


Waves of minions that fight for your team. These are worth gold to the enemy and spawn in waves of 6/7 every 30 seconds from your nexus.


Out of Mana

Rift Herald

Neutral objective that spawns at 8 mins until 20 mins in the Baron pit (top river).


A dividing territory that splits the map in half and houses some of the most important neutral objectives.


When someone leaves their lane to go to another lane, or the jungle.


The 2 neutral camps in the river dividing the middle of the map.


A summoner ability on a short cooldown that is used to deal large damage to neutral objectives and jungle camps.

Teleport (aka. TP)

 A summoner ability on a long cooldown that teleports to a friendly unit, ward or turret.

Top lane

The top of the map.


defensive positions along each lane. They cannot move, and will shoot enemies within range. 

  • Outer turrets (furthest from the nexus)
  • Tier 2 turrets (second furthest)
  • Inhib turrets (defending the inhibitors)
  • Nexus turrets (2x turrets defending the nexus).


A placeable item that gives vision of the area nearby to you and your allies. There are 3 types of placeable ward: Stealth ward, Control ward, Farsight ward. In addition you can also get a Sweeper, instead of a ward, which reveals nearby enemies and stealth objects.

This is only a brief guide of the many terms you might hear during a match of League of Legends, so let us know on the British Esports Twitter if you would like to see more.

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