Getting started in esports graphic design

Getting started in esports graphic design

10 min read | 31 Oct 2022

Graphic designers in esports are the unsung heroes of the industry, as they make sure that what the audience sees is eye-catching. 

But how do you go about getting into this sector of the industry? 

We spoke to some graphic designers in esports to get their biggest piece of advice to help up-and-coming talent break into the scene. 

Wayne ‘iamdeadbird’ Peacock – Graphic Designer for British Esports and Resolve:

“My advice for getting into esports as a designer would be to get as much of your work out into the public domain as possible. The more eyes on your work, the more interest you will generate and the more likely you are to be hired. Showcase your work across multiple platforms and be consistent. It’s a hugely saturated market so creating unique and diverse content is key, push boundaries and develop new skills and challenge yourself. One of the most important pieces of advice I can give would be to enjoy creating the work you do, this speaks volumes in regard to quality, workflow and helps keep motivation high and content consistent.”

Owen ‘Oween’ Mead – Creative Lead at Lucent Esports and Freelance Designer at SweetCabinUK:

“My advice to new graphic designers joining the Esports Space would be to come in with an open mind. Take critique where it is beneficial, but don’t always take it to heart. Graphic Designers forget that what we produce is still Art, not everyone has the same taste. You may produce your most favourite piece of your entire career, but everyone else may not take to it. In most cases this is Vice Versa as well all strive for perfection, and tend to feel we’re missing that one little “something”.

“Being open minded has helped me build a large amount of working friendships throughout my design career, and has also allowed me to expand my own, and others with their knowledge on how to promote their brand or ideas in the most suitable and creative way. These working relationships are ESSENTIAL, they allow you to build up your experience and be thrown into the deep end of having your own project. Being given nothing but words and being able to generate the perfect recollection of that description in a picture format is the most satisfying achievement there is.

“Help each other, stay respectful. This isn’t a race, this is a community. If graphic design is where your heart lies then you’ve already done the hard part, let your creative imagination do the rest.”

Amy ‘Aljgraphics’ Jones – Graphic Designer for Veloce Esports, Quadrant, and Yas Heat:

“One of the biggest aspects of esports is social media. Have a strong social media presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and network with other designers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their experience and if they have any tips on how to land a job in esports. My inbox is always open if anyone wants advice!”

Oliwier ‘Qyful’ Sporny – Graphic Designer and Software Engineer:

“I think people often underestimate the power of networking. The industry is mostly about who you know, not what you know. Sure, you need to know what you’re doing, but nothing beats having contacts. Talk to people, attend events, and build up a portfolio. Make a name for yourself and establish your own brand/identity. Freelancing is also a great option to getting recognised!”

Evi ‘EJ Design’ Jaman – Freelance Graphic Designer:

I know it’s a little intimidating starting up with esports, but don’t be afraid to reach out to organisations and individuals within them. Most of the people within the community are really friendly. Stay updated on posts about opportunities, and tell your friends that you are interested in more work. Having contacts and good friends who like your work will make your name spread like wildfire! It’s important to have a portfolio ready to show for anyone that might ask, and remember to update it regularly! Good luck!”

Marwan ‘botawyyttv’ – Graphic Designer and Video Editor:

“My biggest piece of advice is to value your time as much as you can, never do work unless you’re paid your due in advance and don’t let clients underpay you it’s never worth it, if you get offers to work with an org make sure there’s always a contract that guarantees your rights.”

Cameron ‘Disco Flexible’ Lyes – Esports Lecturer at Weston College:

“My biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to get into the Esports industry would be to build a graphic design portfolio and network with other people in the esports industry. Offering free services at first is an excellent way to build a portfolio of work that you can demonstrate to any new clients that you approach. Twitter is a great place to show off work and enable you to build a network quickly.”

Seb Lowe – Creative Director:

“Esports is one of the most accessible industries, you are only a few clicks away from interacting with industry professionals. Tell a story with your designs, use the resources readily available and create a portfolio. Use Twitter to your advantage and start making connections, interact & comment on designers posts from your favourite Esports Teams. Unlike other fields, with Esports you don’t have to focus too much on marketing your skills, you just have to design and post them. Good luck!”

Luke ‘Mr. Sneaky’ Evans – Student and Graphic Designer for GCS Owls:

“My advice for all the graphics designers in this industry is to never be discouraged or outclassed by those better than you. Stick at it and you’ll find the right opportunities and improve your skills in the process!”

Rasmus ‘Rabo’ Jespersen – Creative Director for Skypad and Graphic Designer for Kansas City Pioneers:

“My tip for all graphic designers who want to get into the esports scene is to stay patient with a big P, because it takes a lot of time and rejections to get into it, and mentally you have to be prepared for it. But once you start to get a few connections and some satisfied clients then it starts to go fast, like a snowball effect, so always keep grinding!”

Liam ‘Burnclub18’ Dargie – Junior Graphic Designer for Team Endpoint:

“Stay hungry and always try to create when you can. There’s always something to learn or try to figure out in Graphic Design. How did they create this? What Technique can I learn from this piece of work? Taking inspiration from aspects outside of gaming and esports can be invaluable. Interacting with other Designers/industry figures can be a great help too. Learning through peer support and feedback on how others would approach a task can be great for self growth.”

Rahi – CEO of Redzone Studios:

“Our biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to get into the graphic design sector of esports is networking, it will help you to connect with different people within the esports community and gather information regarding your chosen career.”

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