Getting started in esports photography

Getting started in esports photography

7 min read | 7 Oct 2021

Having a good photographer at an esports event is invaluable. From capturing winning moments to the event atmosphere, photographers can immerse people into the event through images.

With more positions opening up within this sector, we’ve put together our top tips to help you get started.

Learn the basics:

Knowing the basics of photography can make a huge difference in your work, as well as setting you aside from other aspiring photographers.

Esports events have a vast range of lighting and setting, so knowing how to get the best shot in various conditions will allow you to flourish. 

By brushing up on the basics, you can make yourself more comfortable handling the camera – which in essence will allow you to take pictures with ease.

If you don’t know much about photography, there are a lot of lessons available on websites like YouTube to help ease you into it. The terminology can be a bit daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be using it instinctively. 

Once you have learned the difference between shutter speed and f-stop, you can take the next steps in your esports photography career!

Even if you know the basics of taking photographs, a refresher won’t hurt! Use the time to perfect your art, and make sure you are on top form.


As with all skills, making sure you practice is really key to making sure that you can be the best you can be. 

Whilst there may not always be esports events for you to photograph, taking up other freelance or one-off opportunities can be beneficial in building a portfolio. Doing photoshoots at nightclubs, concerts, skate parks, or anywhere with good diversity in lighting and background can be a really good experience.

Not only is the experience in other areas beneficial, but it can also allow you to develop a keen eye for a good shot.

Although not all sectors of photography are the same, the same fundamentals stand; the more shots you take, the better you become!

You don’t even need to attend events to get practice in – just going out on a walk with your camera can open up your creative side and develop your skills. 

Gaining confidence with the camera will definitely pay off, and you will feel better in your work when esports opportunities arise. 

Start small:

The likelihood of you scoring a gig at a massive esports major straight away is slim, so it is best to start off smaller.

Approach local teams, colleges, and universities and see if they would like you to photograph their events to get started. 

Not only will this allow you to practice, but you can build up a network of contacts that could be beneficial later down the line. 

Once you have started out with these smaller opportunities, you can gradually progress into LAN events and beyond!

Something to note is that if you attend an event to photograph, be considerate of other photographers and videographers working. Make sure you don’t block them or ruin their work to try and get a shot for yourself!

In relation to this, you may need to consider creating content forms for individuals who may be present in your shots at the event. More information about making these can be found here

The more you go to smaller events, you will eventually become used to positioning and working around other people. 

Know what makes a good shot:

We have touched on this briefly, but having a good eye for the perfect photograph can help you stand out in the sector.

Anyone can take an image, not everyone can take a great shot.

Knowing the best compositions, lighting and timing can make all the difference; especially in esports photography. 

Capturing emotion and atmosphere at esports events involves knowing what to look out for – you don’t want to miss the winning reactions from the team by cutting them out of frame!

Action shots at these events are the most popular images that you see in esports, so knowing how to make these look as good as possible is key. 

Take a look at other photographers’ work and see if you can spot any common features to incorporate into your own work. 

However, ensure you find your own unique style! You want people to instantly recognise your work when they see it, so try to stand out in your work too. 

Finally, make sure you are ready for the action! Esports photography is fast-paced and exciting, so get your camera ready. 

These are just a few tips to start out your esports photography journey, but always reach out to established photographers for their advice too.

You can find out about more careers in esports over in the advice hub, and check out our social media for more guide updates soon!

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